40 WONDERFUL SAVE THE DATE CARD IDEAS - Save the Date Wedding Ideas
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40 WONDERFUL SAVE THE DATE CARD IDEAS – Save the Date Wedding Ideas

40 WONDERFUL SAVE THE DATE CARD IDEAS - Save the Date Wedding Ideas

Haven’t been able to find any unique Save the Date card ideas, but your wedding is going to take place shortly? Well, take a look at our selection of 40 great Save the Date wedding ideas. Save the Date cards set the style and tone of weddings, giving your guests a clue of what to expect. This makes Save the Date cards very important, they become a source of anticipation. So to get your guests in the mood for your wedding, take a look at our Save the Date card ideas. We’re absolutely sure, that you’ll find inspiration!

1. Humorous Photo – Great Ideas for Engaged Couples

Instead of sending your guests boring and plain Save the Date cards, send them something that will put a smile on their faces. A cute photo you took beforehand can be perfect for this. You can get as creative as you like with this, just remember, all your Save the Date invitations have to contain is the date of your wedding.

2. Adorable Dogs – Be Joined by Your Canine Friends

Are you and your fiancée animal lovers? Then express your joy with your pets! Place signs around your pets’ necks, which indicate the date of your wedding. You can take a photo of this cute moment and send it out to your guests. These Save the Date cards are guaranteed to light up your guests’ day when they receive them!


3. Foreshadowing the Date – Announce Your Wedding

Another one of many unique Save the Date cards. If you want to get super creative, cut out the date of your big day on cardboard paper. Then hold it up towards the sun and it will cast a shadow. You can take a picture of you and your significant other’s shadows while holding up the paper and you can send this out to your guests.

4. Creative Alternative – Save the Date Ideas

If you’ve been looking for a creative alternative to standard Save the Date cards, then take a look at this! Announce your big day by writing it up on the soles of your shoes. Take a photo of this and send it out to your guests!



5. A String of Numbers – Romantic Photos

Do you want to announce your big day in a romantic way? Cut out the numbers of your wedding date and place them across a string. Then go out with your partner and take pictures of yourselves, one of you holding one end of the string, the other holding the other end. These pictures will make great Save the Date photo cards.

6. Football as a Favourite – Save the Date Wedding Ideas

Do you and your partner have a similar interest in sports? Take a look at the picture above. Let’s say you both love football, so why not get a picture taken in a football field? Both of you can wear jerseys that announce the date of your wedding. Save the Date invitations like these are great because they are so personal.

7. Layered Card – Gorgeous Save the Date Wedding Ideas

Would you like to bring an element of refinement and beauty to your Save the Date cards? Then check out this idea! Above a picture of you and your significant other, attach a somewhat transparent paper that has the date of your wedding written on it. This will create a beautiful, foggy layer.

8. What a Surprise – Funny Ideas for Families

What a Surprise - Funny Ideas for Families

Do you by any chance already have children with your partner? Then incorporate the kids in the Save the Date cards. Take a picture of a family moment, your kid holding a blackboard with the date of the wedding written on it, while you and your partner stand in the background. If you’d like a bit of humour in your picture, try inventing a funny scenario that you can act out in one picture.



9. Calendar Card – Practical and Beautiful

Would you like to make a lovely and romantic impression on your guests when they get your Save the Date cards? Get your photo taken in a picturesque setting and edit the month of your wedding on the card. Draw a heart around the big day, so your guests will know which day of the month it will take place on.

10. Photo Booth Photos – Fun Save the Date Card Ideas

Do you want more unique Save the Dates? Then this might be perfect for you. All you need to do is go to a photo booth with your partner and hold up signs that show the date of your big day. This is a simple but very adorable idea, not to mention you can have so much fun in a photo booth.