Your last night of freedom, before walking down the aisle, should be an unforgettable experience! It doesn’t have to be about having a crazy and wild night, the main focus should just be about having a good time with your best friends. Whether you are hosting your own stag night or your friend’s, we have collected 30 awesome bachelor party ideas for you to choose from. Also, make sure to look through our pick of wedding ideas.


1. Snacks and Drinks – Hosting a Special Stag Night

Make sure no one gets hungry or thirsty with a small buffet filled with food and drinks! You can decorate the whole buffet area in a clean and modern way. You can write up the name and date of the event on a blackboard.

2. Mugshots – Creative Photo Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun and creative idea, then you’ll love this one! Give everyone the impression that you had a wild and rough night by having your mugshots taken. Everyone should be holding a sign of what crime they committed (being the groom or the groomsman) and also the date of the wedding.

3. Booze Bath – Great Ideas for a Stag Night

An idea that all your mates will love is a booze bath! All you need to do is fill up an empty tin bathtub with dozens and dozens of bottles of alcohol. Then throughout the night, everyone can visit the booze bath and quench their thirst.

4. Beer Pong – Game Ideas for the Night

Everyone loves playing games, and this game is perfect for any stag night. Beer pong might be a game you played last at your college nights, so why not give it another go at your bachelor party?

5. Groomsmen Gifts – Unique Present Ideas

Make certain that every groomsman knows how grateful you are, for standing by your side! Express your thanks with a few gifts. In a beer pitcher, place some funny sunglasses, a cigar, a bottle of beer and some snacks. You will be able to take awesome photos in the sunglasses later on.

6. Paintball – Get Fired Up

Have you thought about doing some sort of fun activity during the day, before your actual stag night? Well if you love paintball, how about rounding up your groomsmen and most important male members of the family, and getting everyone to play a game of paintball? It’s a fun and exciting game, that will bring a bit of adventure into your day!

7. Shots for Everyone – Great Ideas for a Stag Night

Are you planning on playing a few games of poker during your stag night? Well, a game of poker means a few glasses of whiskey. Make sure the environment of the place also reflects the mood and theme of the night, for example, you can have a drink tray with the words “man drinks” cut into it. This should make it pretty obvious, that you are at a stag night.

8. Beer Openers – Gifts for the Groomsmen

If your group of mates love to drink beer, this will make a perfect gift for them. Buy everyone beer openers, with the words “I do crew” engraved on the handles. This is a great gift idea because whenever they will open a beer with this, they will remember your stag night!

9. Hangover Kits – Thoughtful Gifts for the Next Day

We have to face the fact that most stag nights are about heavy drinking. With all that said, it’s best to arrive prepared! Make sure you assemble hangover kits for each and every one of your friends who will be present at the bachelor party. You can put in Advil or Nurofen into the kits for the killer headaches some of you might experience during the next morning. Everyone will be really grateful for these!

10. Matching T-Shirts – Great Ideas for the Gang

Get matching T-Shirts for all the groomsmen and the groom for the stag night. Not only will these make it clear to everyone what sort of event you are celebrating, but they will also look awesome on pictures when you’re standing together for a group shot. Make sure the groom has a different message on his t-shirt.

11. Going Hunting – Unique Ideas for Your Bachelor Party

Going hunting is considered to be old-fashioned, but it’s still an activity that a lot of men pursue in our modern-day. If you’re planning on hosting a rustic wedding and you’d like the theme of the wedding to be reflected in your stag night as well, then you might like this idea. Take your friends on a hunting trip, it’s might prove to be an exciting adventure for all of you! Make sure everyone knows how to use their gun though so that no accidents happen!

12. Engraved Flasks – Presents for the Bachelor Party

Gift your groomsmen with a fantastic idea, give them all whiskey flasks! This is a great idea if you know that your groomsmen love to drink. Engrave their name on the flask, along with the date of your stag night and the role that they play at your wedding (whether they are a groomsman or the best man).