25 CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR GIRLS - Best Christmas Gifts for Women
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25 CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR GIRLS – Best Christmas Gifts for Women

25 CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR GIRLS - Best Christmas Gifts for Women


Christmas is quickly approaching and will be here in no time! Which means it’s never too early to start thinking about presents. Instead of buying presents for your family and friends this year, why not make a whole collection of Christmas gifts yourself? Handmade gifts will show your loved ones that you put time, thought and energy into creating something truly amazing for them! If you have a special woman in mind, your friend, mother, sister, grandma or wife, make sure you make something fantastic for them for Christmas! We have collected 25 Christmas gifts for girls to help you out! This way you will definitely be able to find the best Christmas gifts for women this year!


1. Cool Christmas Coasters – DIY Christmas Gifts for Girls

A truly beautiful present you can create for Christmas is a coaster! Coasters are practical objects, which you can place your cup or mug on. Use slices of wood for the base of them. Give them a Christmas design, painting on the coasters yourself! For example, paint a snowman on one of them, mistletoe on another and a Christmas tree on a third. This will make an awesome gift for anyone for the winter holidays, as they are not only cute but practical!

2. Delicious Hot Chocolate – In an Ornament

A typical beverage you might drink during Christmas is no other than hot chocolate! These will make the perfect Christmas presents, as they are thoughtful, tasty and also cheap! Put together a hot chocolate mix in see-through Christmas ornaments. All your receiver will need to do is pour hot milk over the ingredients and mix it together to get a tasty mug of hot chocolate! You can create any sort of flavoured mixes you’d like, but make sure to only add dry ingredients into the ornaments! This includes cocoa powder, extra sugar, chocolate chips and marshmallows!

3. A Jar of Reasons – Best Christmas Gifts for Women

Christmas is all about sharing giving love to your friends and family! Put together personal gifts for each one of them! A great example of a thoughtful and meaningful gift is this! A jar of reasons why you love the person you are giving the gift to. Write a list of reasons why you love them, including memories or things you have to do together, on slips of paper! Then fold up the slips of paper and place them in the jar. Whenever the lady you give this gift to is feeling a bit blue, all they will need to do is take out a slip and read it! It will instantly put them in a better mood!

4. A Personalised Candle – Christmas Presents for Women

When making someone a handmade gift, make sure to add some sort of memory to it! For example, create a personalised candle for Christmas! Candles are great gifts to give and are great to relax next to. Grab a photo of you and the woman who you are giving the gift to. Follow an online technique of transferring the photo onto the candle itself.

5. A Mitten Filled With Utensils – Perfect for Bakers

If the person you are putting together a Christmas present for loves to bake, then this will be the perfect gift for them! Get them an oven mitten, which will keep their hands from getting burnt when taking things out of the oven. Place a variety of wooden spoons and other sorts of kitchen utensils in the oven mitt. Then simply tie a ribbon around it, creating a bouquet of utensils. You can attach a few gingerbread cookies to your oven mitten as an extra effect!

6. A Jar of Goodness – DIY Sangria

Something you might like to drink during Christmas is a cup of sangria! You might even have a special recipe for it, which your friends and family adore! Place all the ingredients of your sangria in a jar, including all the delicious fruit as well as a bottle of wine. The recipient of this jar will have to place all the ingredients in a pot and bring them to a boil, combining all the beautiful flavours. This is a great DIY gift for Christmas, as it will definitely help the gift receiver get in the mood for winter!

7. Cookies and Milk – The Perfect Combination

When you wait for Santa to arrive from your chimney, what sorts of treats do you place on the table for him? A cup of milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies? If so, use this as inspiration for your Christmas present. Create a mug and a plate, which both are decorated with a similar pattern. You can use a sharpie to achieve this or ceramic paint. You can write a small message on both the mug and plate to give them true Christmas vibes. For example, “milk for Santa” on the mug and “cookies for Santa” on the plate.

8. DIY Heating Pads – Best Christmas Gifts for Women

Everyone gets cold during the winter season. If you know that the lady you are going to be giving a Christmas present to, is always freezing or feeling cold, why not make her some DIY heating pad? You can sew the small pads yourself, filling them with rice, grains or beans. Add a few drops of essential oil to the grains, to give the whole heating pad a lovely scent. After sewing them together, all you will need to do is pop the pads into a microwave for a minute or two to heat them! Then they will be ready to use!

9. A Gift for Each Sense – Christmas Gifts for Women

Get the lady in question a gift for each of her senses. This means getting her one for each of the following: sound, taste, sight, touch and smell! For example, for the sound you can get her a CD of her favourite music or for the sight, you can paint her something! It’s really up to you and your creativity! But we guarantee that this will be a lovely way of showering her in gifts!

10. Whisking You a Merry Kissmas – Creative and Cute

Here is another great present idea for anyone out there who loves to cook and bake! Get them a whisk and fill them up with Hershey’s Kisses. Now all you will need to do is wrap it up in see-through plastic and attach a ribbon to it, as well as a small tag. On the tag write „whisking you a Merry Kissmas!” This creative and cute play on words will definitely light up the day of whoever you decide to give this Christmas present to.

11. A Selection of Relaxation – Bath Salts, Bombs and Melts

If the person you are giving a Christmas gift to has been having a stressful time lately, make sure to give them something which will help them relax a bit! There are tonnes of tutorials online on how to create bath salts, bath bombs and bath melts at home. While you can buy these amazing products in shops, you can also consider making them at home! This means you can decide on the flavouring of it yourself. These will make great gifts, as you just need to throw them in the bathtub and relaxation is guaranteed!

12. Marble Mugs – Amazing Christmas Gifts for Girls

Another handmade gift you can create for a special woman in your life is no other than a marble mug! All this means is dipping a plain white mug into a tub of water, which also contains a few drops of nail polish. The nail polish combined with water will help create beautiful marble effects on your mug. This DIY Christmas gift is not only gorgeous but also super cheap to create! So whoever receives a mug like this will be a lucky woman!