20 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM - Best Christmas Gifts for Men
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20 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM – Best Christmas Gifts for Men

20 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM - Best Christmas Gifts for Men


Christmas is quickly approaching and will be here in no time! Which means it’s never too early to start thinking about presents. Instead of buying presents for your family and friends this year, why not make a few yourself? Handmade gifts will show your loved ones that you put time, thought and energy into creating something truly amazing for them! If you have a special man in mind, your friend, father, brother, grandpa or husband, make sure you make something fantastic for them for Christmas! We have collected 20 best Christmas gifts for men to help you out! This way you will definitely be able to find a great collection of Christmas gift ideas for him!


1. Sawdust is Man Glitter – Christmas Gifts for Men

Have you been considering getting your special man friend something cute for Christmas? Why not go for a Christmas tree ornament, after all, it is the season! Instead of going for something sparkly and glittery, put your own twist on the ornament. Get a see-through ball decoration, and fill it with sawdust. Then with the help of a sharpie, write on the ornament that “sawdust is like man glitter.” This gift will definitely put a smile on the recipient’s face. It’s also great because it’s easy to put together and is cheap!

2. A Cute Bowtie – Perfect and Festive

Another fantastic idea on what to give your male friend or family member for Christmas is a bowtie! Instead of getting him a boring, storebought one, make one yourself which brings a festive vibe along with itself! For example, you can cut out the shape for the bowtie out of felt. You will have to sew the parts together or use a glue gun to attach them. Use Christmas colours for the bowtie, which means lots of green and red! You might also consider giving the bowtie a Christmassy look, by attaching reindeer antlers to it!

3. Building Life Together – Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

If the man you are trying to find a Christmas gift for has helped you in building up your life or has built memories with you, then check this idea out! Get this man a hammer! But put your own message on the handle of the hammer for him to read! For example, “thank you for helping me build my life.” This will make a heartfelt present for any man and is the perfect sort of gift for a guy who likes tinkering things!

4. Keep Calm and Drink Beer –  A Beer Opener

If the man in question loves beer get him something which will suit his interests. Make sure he has a place in his house where he can always open his beers! Make him a beer opener which he can place on one of his walls. We suggest you put a small basket or bucket underneath it creating a cap catcher. This will prevent the caps from falling on the floor. You might also consider writing a message on the beer opener, something along the lines of “keep calm and drink beer.”

5. Minibar in a Jar – The Best Drinks

Another perfect idea on what to get your man in question is a selection of his favourite drinks. This is a great idea if you have run out of ideas or time and need to put something together for him quickly. All you need for this gift is an empty jar. Fill it with mini versions of his favourite drinks! Then simply attach a label to this jar which reads “minibar or open bar.” While this isn’t the most Christmassy gift you can possibly get, it will still brighten up his day!

6. Attaching Reindeer Antlers – Rudolf the Rednosed Rein-Beer

If the man you are giving a gift to absolutely loves beer, then this will be the present for him! A crate of his favourite beer with a Christmas twist on it! So what can you start with a whole crate of beer? You can decorate them and use some sort of Christmas imagery as inspiration! For example, create reindeers out of your beers! You will have to attach antlers to each one, in the form of fuzzy wires. You should also glue googly eyes on the bottles as well as small red pompoms for the noses. This will look super cute and will be perfect for Christmas!

7. You Rock – Best Christmas Gifts for Men

If you are thinking about expressing your feelings towards someone this Christmas and telling them that they rock, then check out this gift idea! Get a frame and place a sheet of paper inside which reads “you rock.” Now all you will have to do is attach small stones and pebbles around the frame with the help of a glue gun. It’s really as simple as that! And the small message combined with the decorative rocks will bring an amazing vibe with itself!

8. Painted Wood Coasters – Gorgeous and Creative

If you are in the mood for getting creative and artsy with your gifts, why not give this idea a try? You will need thin slices of wooden, which will act as coasters for cups and mugs. Paint all sorts of Christmas imagery on these wooden slices. For example, paint the head of a reindeer on one. On another, paint a Christmas tree with a star above it. It’s really up to you and your creativity on what you do. This is a great gift because you put time and energy into creating something for that special man!

9. A Bountiful Gift Basket – Christmas Present Ideas for Men

Another thoughtful gift that any man will love is no other than a gift basket! A gift basket means you can choose a variety of items for the recipient. Make sure the gifts in the basket have an overall Christmas ambience though! For example, make sure to add a few candy canes to the basket or fir tree branches. The rest is up to you, on what you’d like to add to the gift basket!

10. A Fun Game – Handmade Ring Game

If the man in question loves playing games, we recommend making him one! For example, a great game which you can have loads of fun with is the rings game. It’s all about throwing hoops or rings onto a board, trying to aim for the highest points. You can create this game on a wooden board and hammering some nails into it. Above each nail write a number, which will act as the number of points you gain if you can throw a ring onto the nail. Whoever ends up receiving this gift will be a lucky man!

11. A Pair of Socks – With a Funny Message

Now, here is a Christmas present for any beer-loving man! Get him a pair of socks which have a message on their soles. It should say something along the lines of, “If you can read this, bring me a beer.” Hopefully, someone will pay attention to his needs and will bring him a beer, while he is watching television or just relaxing on the sofa. These funny socks are a fantastic gift idea! You might place a few chocolates inside the socks as a special effect, after all, it is Christmas!

12. A Jar of Booze – Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Here is another minibar in a jar as a Christmas gift! Get your male friend or family member a selection of his favourite alcohol which you place in a jar. The bottles should be mini versions of themselves, this way you will ensure they all fit in the jar. Then all you will need to do is attach a label to the jar. It should read something along the lines of “Alcohol. Because no great story ever began with a salad!” This will definitely draw a smile on his face!