30 WEDDING BRIDAL JEWELLERY - Ideas for Bridal Jewellery

30 WEDDING BRIDAL JEWELLERY – Ideas for Bridal Jewellery

30 WEDDING BRIDAL JEWELLERY - Ideas for Bridal Jewellery


Your big day is just around the corner and you want everything to be completely perfect. From the wedding decor to the wedding cake, to the wedding dress, every wedding idea has to be on point. While it might not be the first thing you think of, something important to consider on your big day is the bridal jewellery you will be wearing. Naturally, we’re not talking about the wedding rings, but the other accessories you will be putting on to get the full bridal look. The jewellery and other accessories you choose to wear will not only have to complement your wedding dress but will also be a way of expressing yourself and your personality. We have collected 30 fantastic wedding bridal jewellery ideas so you will be able to find an item to complete your look!


1. Stylish Earrings – Wedding Bridal Jewellery

You might not want to go over the top with jewellery, just enhance your facial features and your hair. If so, have you considered wearing a pair of earrings for your wedding? For a stunning look, try out chandelier earrings! These are especially great if your dress is more on the simple side.

2. Brilliant Bracelets – A Natural Vibe

If you’re a sort of person who prefers to go with the flow, you love nature in all its forms and you are down to earth, then these bracelets will be a perfect addition to your wedding look! A few small delicate bracelets decorated with small pearls or crystals will give your appearance a truly natural vibe!

3. Bridal Hair Vine Ideas – Romantic Hairpieces for Your Wedding

If you’d like to achieve a whimsical and romantic look for your big day, make sure to add some bridal hair vines to your hairstyle! You can weave it into a braid or a bun or use it as a wreath. The small crystals and beads will glitter and shine in your hair throughout the whole night!

4. Classic Teardrop – Earrings and Necklace Ideas

For a classic and gorgeous look, try out some matching teardrop jewellery! A set of teardrop earrings and a teardrop necklace will give you an ethereal appearance. These items of jewellery will look perfect with a fancier or ballgown styled dress.

5. A Simple Backdrop Necklace – Bridal Jewellery Ideas

If your dress is going to have a deep cut-out at it’s back, make sure to add an accessory to enhance your look! Jewellery which is becoming more and more popular are backdrop necklaces. It can be a simple necklace with a small pendant or crystal hanging down at the back.

6. Big Teardrop Earrings – Elegant Wedding Bridal Jewellery

If your wedding dress is going to be more simple, maybe in the shape of a mermaid gown, try using bolder and bigger accessories. This big teardrop necklace will lend you that bridal elegance you didn’t know you needed! Put together of two parts, a big crystal or diamond teardrop in the middle, outlined with a teardrop of small crystals, will give you that wedding glow!

7. Bohemian Essence – Silver and Simple

If you love bohemian styled things, then this set of wedding jewellery will be perfect for you! A ring, a bracelet, earrings and a bridal hair brooch all in the same style will give you a perfect look. Since we’re talking about bohemian, it doesn’t have to be over-the-top jewellery, it can be simple, silver accessories with detailed designs.

8. Floral with a Pearl – Perfect Bridal Look

Now here’s a necklace which is perfect for dresses which are strapless. Crystals cut and put together to form floral shapes, with a teardrop pearl hanging down in the middle. If you’re thinking about getting earrings to match this necklace, consider getting teardrop pearls to hang from both your ears!

9. Drop Pearl Earrings and Necklace – Wedding Accessories

Drop Pearl Earrings and Necklace - Wedding Accessories

If you prefer jewellery which is more simple and refined, these earrings and necklace will be a perfect choice for you! Pearls formed in drops, with small crystals decorating the tops of them, will give your overall look an elegant bridal vibe. The great thing about pearls is that if they’re white, they’ll go perfectly with your wedding dress, no matter what their form is!

10. Bridal Forehead Band – A Bohemian Essence

Are you bored of bridal tiaras or floral headpieces? If you love the bohemian style and your wedding is going to incorporate the same essence, make sure you get a headpiece which resembles this! A bohemian forehead band is unique and stylish. While it will give you that hippie vibe, it will also make you look like an enchanted princess.

11. Stylish Heels – Don’t Forget About the Footwear

While you might be contemplating about accessories, don’t forget about the footwear either! After all, what you wear on your feet on your wedding day is super important as well! A pair of white or pearl coloured heels with an immaculate design will boost your wedding look.

12. Floral Backdrop Necklace – Wedding Bridal Jewellery

If you hear the word wedding, what comes immediately to your mind? Flowers? Well, you’re not wrong! Flowers play a huge role in weddings, not only in decor or the bridal bouquet, but it’s also an important accessory! If you’re going to be using a floral headpiece, make sure your necklace matches its style. Go for something more unique, like a floral backdrop necklace. It will lend you a sense of delicate elegance.