30 WEDDING HAIRSTYLES FOR MEDIUM LENGTH HAIR - Breathtaking Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

30 WEDDING HAIRSTYLES FOR MEDIUM LENGTH HAIR – Breathtaking Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

30 WEDDING HAIRSTYLES FOR MEDIUM LENGTH HAIR - Breathtaking Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles


When you are getting ready and planning everything out for your big day, you’d like everything to be perfect! The wedding decor, the cake, the dress, the music all have to be on point. Naturally, let’s not forget the hairstyle either! If you have medium length hair, it’s important to find a hairstyle idea which will suit your overall look, not to mention give you an elegant glow. We have collected 30 wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. This way you will be sure to find the perfect one of the many breathtaking medium length wedding hairstyles down below!


1. An Elegant Updo – With a Bridal Hair Vine

If you’d like your wedding hairstyle to be an incorporation of elegance and harmony, try out this braided bun! You don’t need long hair for it, medium works just fine as well! Then have a hair vine placed around your head, resembling a laurel wreath from the Ancient Roman period.

2. Simple and Stylish – Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

Not everyone wants an immaculate updo on their big day! Just like clothes, hairdos can also be used as statements to express your personality or sense of style. If you’re the sort of person who likes a simple and natural look, then having a simple hairstyle on your wedding is a great idea! Have your hair curled into loose waves and attach two strands from the front of your hair at the back. You can attach a few flowers to your hair to give it an extra boost.

3. A Feeling of Gatsby – Roaring Twenties

Do you love everything that is retro and old-fashioned? If you love the style of the Roaring Twenties, why not incorporate it in your wedding? Not only in the wedding decor, but in your wedding dress and hairstyle as well! Find a hairpiece which symbolizes this era, like the one in the picture above. If you have short or medium hair, it will work really well with this style, as the Roaring Twenties was all about boldness!

4. Gorgeous Hair Vines – Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Keep your wedding look simple and fresh with a gorgeous hairstyle! Instead of overdoing it, leave your hair out, perhaps giving it natural-looking curls. Then attach a hair vine to your hair, using it as if it were a hairband. This will be a beautiful touch to your overall wedding look!

5. Bohemian Vibes – Beautiful Simplicity

Whether you have medium length hair or short hair, there’s a number of hairstyles which will make you look amazing on your wedding day and here’s one of them! Have your hair twisted into curls and the top half of your hair braided. You can add a hair vine or some flowers to your hair.

6. A Romantic Braid – Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

No matter what the occasion is, braids are always a great solution! Leave your hair out in loose waves, and attach a few braids to the back of your hair. You can add some flowers or an elegant hair clip, it’s really up to you!

7. An Exquisite Updo – Great Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Make sure you look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day! If you have thin hair, try out a hairstyle which will make your hair look naturally thicker, by giving it some texture and volume. You can achieve this by adding a complex braid to your updo. Enhance your look further by adding a few decorations to your hair, a hair vine or some flowers are always a good choice!

8. A Braided Bun – Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Not all wedding hairstyles have to be prim and proper. You can give them a natural vibe, by creating a loose bun, with strands of hair falling out here and there. You can also create a bun that is in fact made up of several braids. Add a hair vine made out of small and delicate pearls for a breathtaking effect!

9. Bridal Headband – Retro Glamour

Here’s another beautiful headband that brings a Great Gatsby sort of essence with itself. If your wedding is already going to be dressed up in a Roaring Twenties style, make sure you look the part as well! No matter whether you create an elegant bun out of your hair, or if you leave it out and flowing, a headband reminiscent of the 1920s will add a beautiful glow to your wedding look.

10. A Waterfall Braid – A Natural Essence

There are a lot of waterfall braid types! They give you a natural look, giving you a sense of style and elegance. The great thing about braids is that you can stick and attach flowers into the braided strands of hair, uplifting your whole appearance!

11. Another Waterfall Braid – With a Hair Vine

Here’s another great example of a waterfall braid! While the hair is braided at the top, the ends turn into soft curls, giving you an angelic image. Make use to use some sort of hairpiece, we recommend using hair vines, which are made up of small pearls. This will give you a sophisticated and refined look, perfect for your wedding day!

12. Short and Cute – Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Giving your medium length hair curls will make it look short. But that’s okay! After all, short hair gives a lightness to your look and we don’t even need to mention that it frees up the face. Have bouncy curls with half of your hair tied into an elegant bun is an effortless look! You can add a bow or even a tiara, it’s up to you!