30 EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR LONG HAIR - Long Hairstyles for Women

30 EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR LONG HAIR – Long Hairstyles for Women

30 EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR LONG HAIR - Long Hairstyles for Women


Some people express themselves with their outfits or their makeup. It’s just as natural to express your inner self with your hair! We all know that long hair can be extremely difficult to style or work with. There’s a lot of it, and it gets tiring to find a new style for each day, not to mention it’s harder to take care of it and keep it healthy and in shape. That’s exactly why we’ve gathered 30 easy hairstyles for long hair, so it will make your job easier to find the best hairstyle choices for yourself! So browse through our pick of long hairstyles for women!


1. Long Feathered Cut – Long Hairstyles for Women

Show off your long hair by adding a bit of volume and texture to it with a feathered cut! A cascade of layers will add casual elegance to your appearance. Naturally, you can add highlights to your hair or dye it ombre for a beautiful effect!

2. Waves and Bangs – A Natural Look

Are you going for a more natural look, which isn’t on the sleek side, but is a bit messier instead? Grab your hair curler or straightener and add loose waves to your long hair. Use a bit of hairspray to keep the waves in shape. If you’ve been thinking about getting bangs, now is the time. You don’t need to get full bangs, a few longer strands coming under your eyebrows will look gorgeous as well!

3. A Dark Chestnut – A New Hair Colour

Are you in search of a new colour of hair, but you wouldn’t like anything too drastic or too vibrant? Have you thought about getting a dark chestnut coloured hair? With hints of red, but overall a rich brown, it is sure to look gorgeous on you!


4. Straight and Sleek – Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Do you have naturally straight and glossy hair? Here’s a perfect and effortless look for you then! Have the tips of your hair layered, and get full bangs cut underneath your eyebrows. This hair looks great just left out, but of course, you can tie it up in a bun or braid it, making it easy to work with later on.

5. Groovy Curls – Ideas for Frizzy Hair

If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, why straighten it? It lends it’s wearer a unique and gorgeous glow! If you leave your curls out and long, it will give you beach vibes. Making you look as if you’ve just come from a good swim from some sandy shores.

6. Long Hair with Bangs – Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

A simple and easy haircut that is perfect for any occasion, is an even haircut with front bangs. Part your hair in the middle giving you a stunning look! This is a great haircut because you can create a limitless amount of hairstyles from it, depending on where you are going and how you need to dress up.


7. A Long Shag – Cool Ideas for Your Hair

Add some volume to your hair with some awesome layers! The shag haircut has been around from the 70s, and it’s still considered to be a popular hairstyle. The soft cascade of layers gives you a retro and glamorous look, perfect for the upcoming season of summer!

8. Fabulous Layers – Windswept and Romantic

Do you complain about having thin hair, which you find boring and lifeless? Make sure you add some volume and texture to it, breathe some life into your hair! Adding an abundance of layers with a new haircut will make it look a lot thicker than it actually is!

9. Beautiful Waves – With Short Bangs

Loose waves are always an awesome option when you’re not sure what to start with your hair. It will give you a youthful and carefree glow, leaving these loose curls out. Add some bangs to your haircut. If you’d like to accentuate your eyebrows make sure your bangs end above them.

10. Image of a Goddess – Long Length Hairstyles

Now here’s a beautiful hairstyle that will bring a fabulous vibe to any outfit you wear! It’s simple, sleek and straight, making it perfect for work events, but meaning that it will also look great if you’re going out and about town or partying with friends. It’s long with a bit of layering at the tips, which help give your hair volume!

11. Gorgeous Ginger – Long Hairstyles for Women

Have you considered going red and fiery, but don’t want to overdo it, with a deep red colour? We recommend trying out a natural-looking ginger colour first, that still has a few hints of brown in it. You can also try out a strawberry blonde if you have a lighter hair tone. A natural ginger tone will be able to give you a new shine, but without looking fake.

12. Full Bangs with Loose Waves – Long Hair Ideas

If you’re looking for a casual and cool hairstyle, perfect for practically any occasion, we recommend loose waves with a full bang! To give your hair a shiny glow, you can add highlights. The trick with highlights is to not choose a colour that is extremely different from your natural hair tone. This will give your highlights a natural, sunkissed look.