30 FANTASTIC GIFTS FOR WOMEN - A List of Gift Ideas for Women
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30 FANTASTIC GIFTS FOR WOMEN – A List of Gift Ideas for Women


30 FANTASTIC GIFTS FOR WOMEN - A List of Gift Ideas for Women


It can prove to be a challenge to find the right gift for someone! Everyone has important women in their lives, whether it’s your mother, your best friend, your sister or your wife, they deserve the best sorts of presents! So whatever the occasion is, Christmas or her birthday, make sure you find her a present she loves! We’ve collected 30 fantastic gift ideas for women to help you out! Amongst this collection of gifts for women, you’ll be sure to find something great for her!


1. Cute Cactii – For Women Who Love Gardening

If the lady in question loves Mother Nature and gardening, make sure she gets a present which reflects this hobby! Get her a cactus! Cactii are fantastic present ideas for women, especially busy ones! Because even if the lady in question doesn’t have enough time to take care of them every day, they are resilient little plants that don’t need that much attention.

2. Milk Bath – Lovely Gifts for Women

After a long and tiring day, all you want to do sometimes is curl up in your bed and sleep or take a long and relaxing bath. Baths are great for getting rid of all the daily stress that has piled up! To make someone’s bath ritual even more relaxing, get them a milk bath! It will help moisturise your skin as well as help you de-stress. This makes a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a lady who needs a bit of relaxation in her life!

3. A Modern Frame – Photo Presents

A Modern Frame - Photo Presents

If you have a lot of beautiful shared memories with the woman you are giving the present to, what better can you give her than a set of photos of these joyful events and moments from your lives? Instead of using a standard album or a frame, find a tree branch and hang the pictures down from it in strings. A homemade gift for a birthday or Christmas such as this will look fabulous and modern! 

4. Cool Keychains – Gift Ideas for Women

Is the lady you’re getting a present for, constantly losing her keys around the house? Make sure she finds them easily with a cool keychain that has her name on it as well as a pom-pom or a piece of a tassel. Make sure to make some cute gifts for her!

5. Sleeping Masks – For Getting Great Sleep

It can be annoying on weekends when you’d love to sleep in, but the sun starts shining so brightly in the early morning that you can’t get back to sleep. Make sure the recipient of your present gets great sleep with a sleeping mask! You can make this at home, using whatever fabric you’d like to. You can also cut words out of felt and sew them on the mask.

6. Nail Polish – Present Ideas for Ladies

If the lady you’re buying a present for loves to paint her nails, then get her something appropriate! Nail polish always makes a great gift. You can spruce up the polish further with other nail-inspired products, for example, a nail file or small gems which you can stick on your nails.

7. Lavender Soap – A Bit of Provence

Lavender Soap - A Bit of Provence

Has the lady in question been to Provence recently and can’t get over the fields of lavender blossoming everywhere? Make sure you bring Provence back into her life with a bit of lavender soap. The fragrance of lavender is great for relaxation and good sleep!

8. Handmade Calendar – Awesome Gift Ideas for Women

Having a small calendar on your desk is always helpful to assist you in remembering what you need to get done throughout the week or what day it is. So why not make one of many amazing DIY gifts for women, a calendar? All you need to do is cut out the numbers of the month and the months themselves on small pieces of paper and attach them to a thin wooden board or cardboard.

9. A Bouquet of Roses and Chocolate – Perfect Gifts for Women

Now here’s a gift you can’t really go wrong with! Chocolates and roses arranged in a bouquet will draw a smile on any woman’s face! Naturally, it’s up to you what sort of flowers or chocolates you’d like to use for the bouquet.

10. A Day Brightener – A Jar of Happiness

Everyone has bad days when things just fall apart or you’re feeling under the weather. Sometimes all you need is a bit of happiness to brighten your day. This might be a jar of chocolate. If your friend, sister, mother or wife is having a bad day, make sure she feels a bit better by gifting her a jar of happiness!

11. A Small Booklet – With Lots of Love

A Small Booklet - With Lots of Love

Here’s another present idea which is on the more personal side! Cut out small slips of paper, decorate each with a message or stick of a photo of you and the recipient on some cards. Then clip them all together, creating a small, flip-through booklet. This is guaranteed to draw a smile on your friend’s face!

12. A Cookie Mix – Making Baking Easy

Do you have a great cookie or cake mix, that all your friends love? If they’d like to make it at home as well, give them the recipe as well as the ingredients! Pour all the dry ingredients in jars, all they will need to do at home will be to mix it together with eggs or milk before popping them in the oven. These cookie mixes in jars make great presents!

13. Handmade Bracelet – Cute Gifts for Her

Here’s a great present idea, as well as a great way to recycle old jeans! Make a bracelet for your friend out of jeans following the DIY tutorial above. You can decorate it with beads and metal rings to give it an even cooler look!

14. Snacks for Movie Night – For Any Occasion

If your lady friend has had a bad day or is feeling a bit down under the weather, make sure you cheer them up! This can be with a simple gesture, taking some snacks over to her place and watching a movie together! Get all her favourite snacks, maybe include a few of your baked goods in there as well. By the end of the movie, your friend is guaranteed to be feeling a lot better!

15. DIY Flower Vase – Best Gift Ideas for Women

DIY Flower Vase - Best Gift Ideas for Women

Everyone loves receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers for any special occasion or randomly! Why not give someone flowers in a vase you can make at home by yourself? Using a glue gun, stick small wooden sticks around a mason jar, covering it completely. Then all you need to do is place the flowers inside of it and give them to your lady friend! This will act as a fantastic dining table centrepiece in her home!

16. A Box of Photos – An Alternative to an Album

Do you have an abundance of shared memories with the woman or girl to who yo

u are giving a present to? Organize and arrange photos of the two of you in a creative way! Fold up a long piece of paper, on each fold place a picture of the two of you enjoying a fun moment together. Fold up the long page of photos and place it in a box.

17. DIY Dream Catcher – Great Decor Gifts

Dream catchers are a great source of decoration for any house! So why not consider getting your lady friend one? Or even better, make it yourself! Twist yarn around two wooden rings, attach feathers and beads to strings and hang them down from the yarn-wrapped rings. Your friend will be able to hang it up on one of her walls and make all her nightmares go away!

18. A Shining Idea – Candles as Gifts

Candles are the sort of presents that any girl or woman will love! You can try out this DIY tutorial, to make a candle that has a picture of the two of you on it! This is an awesome gift that anyone will love, whether it’s your mom, sister, grandma, best friend or wife!

19. An Adorable Mug – Cute Present Ideas

An Adorable Mug - Cute Present Ideas

Does the celebrated woman love her morning coffees? Make sure she drinks it out of a stylish and cute mug! Depending on what sort of things she likes or what interests she has, make sure the mug reflects this! A fun and quirky person might have some cool zig-zags running all over the mug, while a laid-back woman might prefer watercolour effects spilt over the mug.

20. Messages for Bad Times – Personal Present Ideas

Everyone has bad days when they’re feeling under the weather. Write your friend notes and letters for each of these days so they can get through them easier! For example, write one for when they have had a terrible day and need a bit of support and another one for when they feeling nostalgic or miss you. This is an awesome gift because it’s so personal and heart-warming!

21. Flowers for Every Occasion – Best Gift Ideas for Women

A great way to brighten someone’s day is by presenting them with a flower! You can place a paper around the flower, which has a sentence written on it. For example, you can ask someone out to the movies this way, wish them a happy birthday or just tell them that you simply wanted to brighten their day.

22. Panda Mugs – Perfect for Panda Lovers 

Does your lady friend have a favourite animal which is completely obsessed with? Get her animal-themed ceramics, for example, a mug, a small plate or a small pot. She will absolutely love these gifts. The panda mugs above are just an example of how an animal is incorporated into ceramics in an adorable way!

23. Mini Succulents in Jars – Present Ideas for Women

Mini Succulents in Jars - Present Ideas for Women

Here’s a simple and cute gift that any woman will love! Succulents arranged beautifully in mason jars. Whoever you present this gift to, will be able to watch the cute succulents grow and flourish!

24. Matchbox Advent Calendar – Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

If Christmas is nearing, make sure you make your friend a small advent calendar! Making this a great Christmas gift idea for women. You can use matchboxes, by writing up the number of the month on them and sticking them on cardboard. Then place small chocolates or treats in each box for them to find!

25. A Box of Treasures – The Best Sorts of Birthday Gifts

A Box of Treasures - The Best Sorts of Birthday Gifts

Create a small surprise for your friend! Find a box and from the lid, string down photos and small messages and memories written on the back of them. This is a great idea if you’ve run out of time to make your friend something big, but still want to give her something personal!

26. DIY Letters – Floral and Fabulous

What do you think about making your lady friend some decor for her room by finding amazing DIY gifts for women? Draw and cut letters out of cardboard. All you have to do is wrap the letters with yarn. You can also attach flowers to them. She can place this on her walls!

27. DIY Felt Handwarmers – Cute Gifts for Her

DIY Felt Handwarmers - Cute Gifts for Her

Do your female friend’s hands get cold during autumn and winter? Make sure they stay nice and warm this year! Make her some felt handwarmers which she can carry in her pockets. Cut out shapes from felt, stuff them with cotton wool before you sew them together. So now if her hands are freezing, she’ll just have to pop them in her pockets.

28. Bath Salts, Melts and Bombs – Gifts for Women

Bath Salts, Melts and Bombs - Gifts for Women

A nice hot bath is a great way to relax as we mentioned before! Make sure the woman who is receiving a gift makes her days a bit less stressed. You can easily create bath melts, bombs or salts at home using a DIY tutorial. You can give it any sort of fragrance you’d like!

29. Organic Lip Balm – Best Gifts for Women

When it comes to great gift ideas for women, how about you give her beauty or skincare products? You can even make some at home if you have the energy and time! How about an organic lip balm which you put together, using shea butter, olive oil, coconut butter, beeswax and coconut oil.

30. A Tasty Bouquet – Chocolates and Roses

Are you in search of a special bouquet for a special lady? Instead of using wrapping paper for the bouquet, tie bars of chocolate around the roses. This way the special lady will not only find beauty while looking at the flowers but also have a tasty snack to eat!


We hope you were able to find some great gift ideas for women! After all, you should express your love and gratitude towards the people who are important in your life! For more gift ideas or handmade crafts, such as 60th birthday gift ideas, visit our website!