25 AWESOME GIFTS FOR BROTHERS - Find the Best Presents for Brothers
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25 AWESOME GIFTS FOR BROTHERS – Find the Best Presents for Brothers


25 AWESOME GIFTS FOR BROTHERS - Find the Best Presents for Brothers


Your brother may be a bit infuriating at times, he might annoy you, but whenever you need him, he will always be there for you. That’s the lovely thing about being siblings with someone, you can always count on them and they can always count on you. So remember to express your love and gratitude towards your brother. What better way is there to do this than with a present? We have gathered 25 awesome gifts for brothers so you can browse amongst them and find the perfect one for him! Whether it’s his birthday, Christmas or you’re simply in the mood for giving him something small, make sure you find the best ideas for him by scrolling through our selection of best presents for brothers!

1. A Tasty Message – Creative Gifts for Brothers

Does your brother really love a good set of chocolate? Make sure you get him some then, but naturally, do this in a creative way! Write up a message for him, but take out some of the words and replace them with the names of candy or chocolate bars. This will not only be a treat to eat, but also a treat to read!

2. A Box of Happiness – DIY Present Ideas for Brother

Are you in search of the best gift for brothers? It might be a bit hard to pick just one thing as a present, so why not gather all of your ideas and place them in a box for your brother! This can include his favourite snacks, a picture of the two of you in a frame, a bottle of perfume, some shower gel and a letter. It’s really up to you on what you’d like to present him with. Depending on what the occasion is you can string it across the lid of the box.

3. In Case of Emergency – Break the Glass

In Case of Emergency - Break the Glass

Now here’s a funny and unique present! In a frame, place a few things your brother uses during special occasions, this can mean a cigar or two or a bottle of his favourite alcohol. On the glass part of the frame, write up “in case of emergency, break the glass.” So if he’ll need a drink really bad, he’ll have to find a way to open it!

4. A Cake of Beer – The Best Presents for Brothers

Is your brother’s favourite drink beer? Make sure he gets plenty of it, whatever the occasion is! If it’s his birthday, you can even make a cake out of beer cans and bottles, placing them on top of each other, like in the picture above. You can further decorate the cake with some ornaments, to make it resemble an actual cake! This idea might also make a perfect birthday gift for your husband or anyone amongst your friends or family who loves beer!

5. A Heartfelt Letter – Gift Ideas for Brother

It’s the 21st century and writing letters may seem a bit old-fashioned. After all, you can just write someone a text or a message on social media. But that’s the great thing about letters, they bring a level of intimacy and personal feelings with it, making this a great present idea for a family member, including your brother! You can write a funny message on the envelope itself, which reads “to my dearest brother, you’re hardly annoying at all anymore.”

6. Candy in Bottles – Present Ideas for Brothers

Reuse some empty beer bottles with this idea! Pour a selection of his favourite snacks or candy into each one. Whenever your brother has a night in, he can just open one of the bottles and feast on the delicious treats you got him!

7. A Funny Pair of Socks – Creative and Hilarious

A Funny Pair of Socks - Creative and Hilarious

Socks are the sort of gift you can’t really go wrong with, especially if they are a reflection of your brother’s personality! Get him a pair of socks with a funny message written on them. For example, if he loves to watch sports channels all day, then have a remote control printed on one of the socks, while on the other have a message, such as “shh the game is on” written. This way everyone will know not to disturb him while he’s watching the telly.

8. Time to Party – Fantastic Gifts for Brothers

Here is another one of many great gifts for your brother if he likes to drink! Cut a circle shape out of cardboard or wood, coat it in paint and draw small notches around the edges, making it resemble a clock. Instead of writing up the numbers though, stick small bottles of schnapps to each hour of the day. You can make the hands of the clock out of folded paper money. This way whatever the occasion, your brother will have to drink a small bottle of schnapps each hour of the day!

9. The Perfect Cake – Awesome Presents for Brothers

If you love to bake, why not make a cake for your brother, especially if it’s his birthday? You can incorporate his favourite type of drink into the cake, for example, whiskey. You can also decorate the cake to make it look like a bottle of alcohol or at least bear a resemblance to the alcohol you use in the cake.

10. Movie Night – Snacks and Treats

Maybe you agree with the fact that sometimes giving someone an experience is a better gift than giving them an object. If so, why not plan a movie night with your brother? Let him choose a movie, and all you need to do is buy his favourite treats and snacks for watching the movie. Arrange these in a box, as if you were actually at the cinema, giving you a night out vibe.

11. No Place Like Home – Gifts for Brothers

No Place Like Home - Gifts for Brothers

You might have heard of the saying “there’s no place like home.” But let’s ask ourselves a question, what actually defines “home”? Is it the array of furniture placed between four walls? Or is it actually the people? Sometimes you feel like you’re in a safe place with a few people from your life, close family members or best friends all belong to this. If you feel this way when your brother is around, make sure he knows he is your home with a cool mug that has the text brother=home written on it!

12. Brother and Sister – Matching Bracelets

There’s a saying that you wear your heart around your sleeve. So if your brother means the world to you, it would only make sense to get matching bracelets for the both of you! Have letters strung up on the bracelets, like in the picture above. You can have two hearts in the middle representing your love for each other.

13. A True Description – Unique Presents for Brothers

When you think of your brother, you have a few characteristics that come to your mind, each of which describes him. Gather those words and create an anagram which spells “brother” vertically. You can put this true description of him in a frame so he can hang it on his wall.

14. A Photo in a Frame – A Mechanical Twist

A Photo in a Frame - A Mechanical Twist

Is your brother the handyman around the house, or does he just love tinkering things? Well, make sure you get him a present which reflects his hobbies or his personality. A great idea is to get him a photo of the two of you in a frame, but give this frame a bit of a twist! Using a glue gun stick various tools around the frame itself, giving it a very modern and mechanical look, perfect for a handyman! This is an amazing way to put together a homemade birthday gift or something for Christmas.

15. A Funny Pillow – Funny Gifts for Brothers

A Funny Pillow - Funny Gifts for Brothers

Does your brother have a favourite spot in the living room where he loves to sit while watching TV? Let’s guess, he doesn’t like other people sitting in his chair! Get him a pillow that states exactly this, that this chair is his place and everyone else should go find a different spot.

16. Cards with Beer Cap Tokens – Playing it Safe

If your brother loves to play card games with you or his friends, make sure he plays it in a safe way, not with actual losses of money! Replace the standard tokens with beer caps, each having a different value according to their colour. This way no one will have to worry about losing the game, as they won’t lose actual money!

17. A Cool T-Shirt – Fabulous Presents for Brothers

Is your brother proud to have a sibling such as you? Make certain that everyone else knows this as well! Get him a t-shirt which says exactly this, that he is proud to have an awesome sister or brother like you! If this isn’t one of many great gift ideas for brothers, we don’t know what is!

18. DIY Frames – For Brothers Who Love Cars

If your brother is a fan of cars and knows all the brands and logos off by heart, then this will be the perfect present for him! Get a picture printed out of him, or the two of you together and put it in a frame. Then with a glue gun, stick small car toys around the frame. He can hang it up in his bedroom after receiving it. He is guaranteed to love this new piece of wall decor for his room!

19. Gorgeous Candleholders – Cute Gifts for Brothers

Gorgeous Candleholders - Cute Gifts for Brothers

Candles with candleholders make great presents, especially because they help you relax after a stressful day. Make your brother’s days a bit more relaxed, by gifting him a candleholder with a print or engravement of the two of you on it. He can use this as decor in his house and will always be reminded of you!

20. An Alternative to an Album – Best Gift for Brother

Growing up with your sibling means a lot of memories. When we say a lot, we mean tonnes and tonnes of them! Moments from your childhood, memories from your teenage years and adult experiences all added up to both of you becoming who you are now! Instead of getting a standard album, why not create an alternative? Cut out a cardboard square, you can write a message here for your brother, and with wooden pegs attach your favourite photos of the two of you or bigger life events around it. This is a super personal gift to give to your sibling!

21. A Wish Bracelet – Make Your Brother’s Wishes Come True

If you’re contemplating getting something simple as gifts for your brother, here’s a great idea! Get him a wish necklace. When the necklace breaks in two, his wishes and dreams will come true, or at least that’s what they say! Present the bracelet in a funny manner, attach it to a paper, where you can write a short and funny message for your bro.

22. A Lovely Keychain – Presents for Brothers

If your brother has been in need of a keychain for a while now, make sure that’s what he gets. A keychain is a great present because you can create whatever you’d like with it. For example, consider getting a small metal slab and have a message engraved into it. It’s completely up to you what message you’d like to send, or how many small metal keychains you’d like to send.

23. Letters for Bad Days – Brighten His Day

Letters for Bad Days - Brighten His Day

Everyone has days when things don’t go the way we initially planned. But sometimes all we need are a few kind words, and you’re already feeling a bit better! Make sure that if your brother has to face a bad day or a few boring hours, he will have something to read from you, which will immediately brighten his day. Write letters to him for every sort of occasion, whether he is demotivated, angry or stressed, a letter from you will bring a bit of light into his life! A set of personal letters would make a perfect gift for couples as well!

24. Another Keychain Idea – Great Gift Ideas

Here’s another great keychain idea, if you’re contemplating on what to get your brother. You can have a motivational or heartfelt message engraved on it. This way your brother will feel the love!

25. In Case of Emergency – Break the Glass

Does your brother love chocolate? Make sure he gets his daily dose of it! But present a stash of his favourite chocolate and candy in a unique way! Frame the chocolate, and on the glass part of the frame write “in case of emergency break the glass!” This is one of many amazing gift ideas for brothers!


We trust that this pick of 25 awesome gifts for brothers has helped you in finding the best gift for your sibling! For more gift ideas, for example, gift ideas for men, go check out our website!