30 FUN EASTER GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS - A Variety of Easter Presents for Kids
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30 FUN EASTER GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS – A Variety of Easter Presents for Kids

30 FUN EASTER GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS - A Variety of Easter Presents for Kids

Easter is just around the corner, everyone seems to be bursting with spring energy. Naturally, one question will pop into your mind, what presents should you get your kids, or should you do some DIY together with them? Well, take a look through our 30 fun Easter gift ideas for kids, we have many options to choose from. Our variety of Easter presents for kids will help you hatch a creative idea on what’s best for this year’s Easter!

1. Carrot Pencil Cases – Cute Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Carrot Pencil Cases - Cute Easter Gift Ideas for Kids 

Make these cute handmade Easter gifts with your kids this year! These carrots are not only adorable, but they are practical as well, as your kids can place their pens and pencils inside. All you need is orange and green fabric, a needle and some thread. The orange part of the carrot should have a double layer, so you can place pencils inside without them falling out.

2. Paper Bunnies – Easter Presents for Kids

Want to surprise your kids with some paper bunny bags full of delightful treats? Well, these Easter presents are easy and fun to assemble! Cut out the shapes of bunnies from paper, start sewing two of these shapes together. Before completely sewing it up, place an array of chocolate eggs inside, so when your kids open up one of these bunny bags, chocolate will be pouring out. 

3. Easter Treat Bags – Creative Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Gift your kids with something unique for Easter! Hide lollypops in small sewn Easter eggs. To make these small Easter egg treat bags real eggs, stick googly eyes and beaks on the lollypops. The lollypops will look like baby chicks hatching from their eggs. These Easter gifts might be fun to make together, it’s always great getting your kids involved in Easter activities.

4. A Pot Full of Treats – Tasty Easter Presents for Kids

A simple way to present your children with Easter gifts is by putting them all in an empty pot. Paint the pot a pale pastel colour, you can decorate it in whatever way you would like. Then fill them with snacks and treats, making them perfect for kids.

5. Beanbag Chicks – Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Hatch some small chickens inside plastic eggs! Making beanbag chickens are really simple, not to mention really cheap to create! Your kids will love the idea of chickens hatching inside a plastic egg, and being able to take them out of the eggs whenever they want to and play with them. These make the perfect Easter presents for children!

6. Egg Carton Animals – Unique Easter Presents for Kids

These Easter gifts are ones that you can make at home together with your children. All you need are empty egg cartons and paint. Cut up the egg cartons into smaller pieces and depending on what sort of animal you would like to create, decorate them in that way.

7. Terra Cotta Rabbits – Special Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Use terra cotta pots as small treat baskets! Paint them with any colour you’d like, and turn them into bunnies! Stick googly eyes on them, a pom-pom or a button for a nose and draw a mouth. You can glue ears, made out of felt or paper, on the back of the terra cotta pot. Stuff your pots with candy and chocolates. These terra cotta bunnies are the perfect Easter presents for kids! 

8. Disney Themed Easter Eggs – Easter Presents for Kids

Do your kids love to watch Disney movies on repeat? Then why not decorate your Easter eggs in the form of Disney characters? Decorate your hardboiled eggs with this idea, and give them as Easter presents to friends or kids.

9. Lollypop Bunnies – Adorable Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

These lollypop rabbits are absolutely adorable! It gives a whole new twist on Easter treats. All you need are googly eyes, pipe cleaners (for the ears), tiny pom-poms (for the hands, nose and teeth), small foam craft balls (for the head) and cut out felt (for the feet). Arrange these on lollypops and with a glue gun attach them on the lollipop to make these special Easter gifts.

10. Sleeping Bunnies – Easter Presents for Kids

Stitch together this super cute design for your loved ones for Easter. You can sew these little rabbits and their carrotty sleeping bags together in just a few hours. Your children will really love these Easter gifts!

11. Bunny Box – Easy Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

If you’ve run out of time and ideas on what to give your kids for Easter this year, try out this simple gift idea! Make a bunny box using a template. After sticking all the parts together, you can place a bunch of candy and chocolates inside for your kids.

12. Knitted Bunny Basket – Fantastic Easter Presents for Kids

Do you have more time on your hands and do you love knitting or crocheting? Then this is a great gift idea for you to make! Attach the knitted head of a rabbit onto a basket, then fill your basket up with goodies. You can also sew knitted rabbit ears onto the basket to make it more rabbitlike.