25 FALL DECORATIONS FOR OUTSIDE - Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

25 FALL DECORATIONS FOR OUTSIDE – Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

25 FALL DECORATIONS FOR OUTSIDE - Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside


The season of falling leaves, misty mornings and the harvest time is finally here. This is no other than autumn! Autumn is an incredibly beautiful season, with all of nature turning into warm shades of colour. It’s a perfect time to sit inside your bedroom with a cup of cocoa, watching the wind blowing autumn leaves in the air. But it’s also perfect for going on a hike or gardening for the last time in that year. If you would love to give your house and your garden a gorgeous autumn look, why not create some outside decor for it? That’s why we have a collection of fall decorations for outside, to help you in finding something great for your garden! So check out our fall decorating ideas for outside!


1. A Touch of Nature – Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

When you think of the season autumn, what immediately comes to your mind? Elements of nature, like typical autumn fruit and vegetables? If so, why not create a whole autumn landscape in your garden, by placing pumpkins and typical autumn flowers next to each other. You might also like to include a few bunches of grapes. Try placing some lanterns next to this autumn image, as this will look beautiful during the night if you place candles in them.

2. A String of Leaves – With Some Fairy Lights

Another beautiful way to decorate your garden or your porch is with a string of autumn leaves. Attach autumn leaves to one another, creating a gorgeous garland. You will be able to twist this garland around the railing of your porch, To make this trail of orange, red and yellow leaves even more stunning, add a string of fairy lights to it as well! When the sun starts to set and night ascends, these small fairy lights will illuminate your porch with a warm and welcoming light. If this isn’t perfect for autumn, we don’t know what is.

3. Autumn Grapevine – Fall Decorations for Outside

If you love creating decor out of all sorts of material you might like this idea! Using metal wire, creating a towering cage. Wrap a long grapevine around it (try out an artificial grapevine for this). You can add colourful autumn leaves to the vine, to give it that true fall feeling. Then simply place pumpkins inside of the cage. A few simple elements of autumn’s nature will be sure to create a lovely ambience in your garden or porch.

4. Small Barrels of Fall – A Rustic Vibe

Gather a few wooden barrels, all of which are small, but even baskets will do the trick! All you have to do is stuff these with gifts of autumn nature. For example, place all sorts of pumpkins in them, fall leaves and an assortment of autumn flowers. You can place a few lanterns between the baskets and barrels and add a candle to each one. This will light up this small autumn decoration beautifully when night arrives! For a rustic touch, you might like to add small burlap or checkered ribbons around the barrels or around the lanterns’ handles.

5. Light Up the Stairs – A Trail of Fall

If you have a set of stairs leading up to your porch or veranda, why not give that an essence of autumn? Place pumpkins and small baskets of flowers on each step, which goes up to your porch. You might also consider putting ferns on the steps, just for a more mysterious autumn look. Naturally. don’t forget the candles either! When you light these up at night, your stairs will be encased in a warm and welcoming light, which will definitely give it an essence of autumn!

6. A Small Ladder – Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

Do you have a small ladder laying around the house or the garden somewhere? If you haven’t used it for a while now, why not include it in your autumn decor? Place the ladder next to one of the walls of your house, and place items of decor on each step. This can include smaller sized pumpkins or even a model of a crow resting on one of the pumpkins. You can wrap vines around the handles of the ladder, for that extra autumn effect! This is a unique way of adding autumn to your garden during the season!

7. A Fall Setting – Fall Decoration Ideas for Outside

There are so many ways to decorate your porch or veranda! You can add a design of your own, for example, writing a word, such as “fall” on a wooden board. You can add some other autumn decor into wooden crates, like a bunch of autumn flowers or just a few pumpkins! Another fantastic idea is to include a small haystack or just a bundle of hay next to the front door. You can place a few autumn items on this as well, pumpkins, apples and flowers!

8. A Wonderful Wreath – Front Door Decor

Create a wreath for your front door for the upcoming season of autumn! Think about wrapping vines around the wreath first, then attach all sorts of autumn leaves to it! Other fantastic options on what to add to the wreath include seasonal flowers, sprigs of berries, small pumpkins and also burlap bows. This will definitely create an autumn atmosphere on your front door! Naturally, you can add a small sign to your wreath as well. For example, a sign which says “harvest time” or “welcome autumn” are all fabulous ideas!

9. A Basket of Light – And Autumn Elements

Have you been searching for unique and gorgeous ways of illuminating your autumn garden? Then check out this idea! Gather baskets or smaller sized wooden crates. Fill them with all sorts of seasonal fruit, but make sure to use pumpkins as a dominant element! Then all you will need to do is wrap strings of fairy lights around the seasonal fruit, illuminating it in a warm glow. Wrap ribbons around each basket, giving them cute looks. Finally, place the baskets wherever you’d like around your garden or front porch.

10. An Autumn Lantern – Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

Create your own little lanterns, which you will be able to place around the house or garden during the season! Instead of placing candles inside each lantern, find autumn items to fill them up with! For example, you can place small pumpkins in them or even pinecones! If you want to get truly creative, you can paint the pumpkins with either gold or white paint! This will give them an amazing look! Tie ribbons on top of the lantern. Make sure the bows are all colours of the season!

11. A Few Sunflowers – Earthy and Happy

Use old wooden boards and pallets to create a small part of a fence in your garden. All you have to do now is decorate these wooden pallets, by attaching small branches to it and wrapping vines around it. You might also be considering adding a flower or two to it. If so, why not try out a sunflower? These yellow flowers exude happiness and joy, which is perfect for the start of fall!

12. A Leafy Umbrella – Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

Here is another fabulous idea for the season! Create an umbrella out of fall leaves for a spectacular effect! All you need to do is attach fall leaves to an umbrella, glueing them on top of each other. This will create a brilliant foliage of leaves, dazzling in all sorts of warm autumn shades. Place this umbrella anywhere you’d like in the garden!