20 CREATIVE GARDEN EDGING IDEAS - Border Ideas for Gardens

20 CREATIVE GARDEN EDGING IDEAS – Border Ideas for Gardens


20 CREATIVE GARDEN EDGING IDEAS - Border Ideas for Gardens


Garden edging is one of those simple hacks, which can help make a lovely garden turn even more beautiful! The technique of garden edging is all about creating division lines in your garden. For example, it’s about dividing the flower beds from the lawn. There are a great many border ideas for gardens to try out. So if you are in search of inspiration, make sure to look through our collection of 20 creative garden edging ideas. Get ready to do some gardening! Sometimes all you will need for garden edging is a spade, so it’s not even an expensive addition to your garden. Not to mention, using a spade will also ensure you get a bit of exercise! Make sure to check out our other garden ideas!


1. Using LED Lights – Creating a Great Ambience

Creating a border in your garden is a fabulous way to highlight a part of your front or backyard. If you have already created an edge somewhere in your garden, we are certain it looks marvellous! But consider taking it to the next level! Use a series of LED lights running all around the border of your garden edging. Using a set of lights in your garden is practical during nighttime, as you will be able to see. But it will also set a whimsical atmosphere in your garden! So combine the ideas of garden lighting and garden edging!

2. Using a Set of Stones – Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Are you in search of a unique yet easy garden edging idea? If so, make sure to check this out! It’s all about creating a border between your flower beds and the rest of your garden lawn with a set of stones. We’re talking about stones which are nicely carved, each one is the same size and colour. You should be able to lay these out in a straight line, creating this border. Using a spade, you will have to dig a bit down into the ground. This will allow you to place the stones inside.

3. Lovely Log Slices – An Essence of Nature

Lovely Log Slices - An Essence of Nature

There are actually a lot of garden edging ideas that are simple to achieve but will look stunning! All you will need for this idea is some slices of a log, preferably from the same one. You might have to dig small holes in the ground, where you are dividing one part of your garden from the other. Then, simply place the slices of the log inside of them, trying to fixate them, by filling up the remainder of the holes. These slices of wood will bring a natural essence to your garden, which is something you might be in search of!

4. Recycling Old Pots – Border Ideas for Gardens

A fantastic idea for any garden is to create something new out of old and unused items you might have lying around the house. Recycling old things is definitely an environmentally-friendly way of designing and decorating your garden! For example, you might have a stack of old clay pots in your garden shed. If you’re not using them, why not create a border out of them? Dig into the ground, where you want to divide one part of your garden from the other. Then all you will have to do is place the pots halfway inside the ground. Simple and easy!

5. Another Brick in the Garden – Cheap Garden Edging Ideas

Here is another fabulous idea for garden edging! Use an array of bricks to create the borders in your garden! You can stack some bricks on each other, create two layers of the brick border. So if you have some flower beds scattered around your garden, you will be able to give them a stylish and more organised look with the help of some bricks! Again, this is a simple and stunning way of garden edging!

6. Blocks of Wood – Creative and Modern

Another fantastic way of creating a border between your flower beds and the rest of your garden is by using blocks of wood. The blocks can be in any size, some should be longer than others, to help create an interesting pattern. How can you make this by yourself? You will need a spade, to dig down into the ground, which will enable you to place the blocks inside, creating the border in an easy manner. Then you will need to make sure that the blocks don’t fall out, so make sure you fill any holes around the blocks.

7. A Trail of Smooth Stones – Creative Garden Edging Ideas

A Trail of Smooth Stones - Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Do you like a Zen approach to designs, especially when it’s about gardens? Then check out this refined and simplistic garden edging idea, which brings a harmonious and peaceful vibe with itself. First of all, you will need to dig up the place of the border. Then it’s time to start filling the hole with an array of smooth stones. While they don’t need to be the exact same shape, size or colour, try getting stones that are entirely round and smooth.

8. Inspiration for Raised Flower Beds – Lawn Edging

You might have a raised flower bed in your garden. This means that the flower bed itself is actually above the rest of your garden in terms of height. If you have a raised flower bed, then you should think about getting a raised border for it! There are a lot of easy and simple ways to put together a raised border. You can use some wooden decks to create them. All you will have to do is place the panels in the ground, fixate them, and nail them together! This is also a fantastic way of putting together a bit of front or backyard landscaping for your garden!

9. Lighting Up the Path – An Elegant Scenery

As we mentioned before, an awesome addition you can add to your garden edging is no other than lights. Lights will help you out at night if you need to walk through your garden. Not only are they practical but using the right sorts of lights will help set a unique ambience and mood in your front or backyard. So if you have been searching for a way to spruce up your garden in an easy manner, then try adding lights to your garden edging. It will definitely kick it up a notch!

10. Curving with Rocks – Border Ideas for Gardens

Here are other fabulous cheap garden edging ideas! If you have a part in your garden, where your flower beds meet the rest of your lawn, it’s time to divide those two parts in a stylish manner! You will have to use some plastic edging, to create the line in which you want to divide your flower bed from the rest of the garden. Then, you will be able to create curvy shapes using plastic edging. You can also add an array of pebbles right next to the lining, creating a better division.

11. Recycling Beer Bottles – Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Recycling Beer Bottles - Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Try out this more difficult way of creating some garden edging, it’s totally worth it! This is another bit of inspiration for people who want to recycle random objects, which they don’t need anymore. If you have a collection of empty beer bottles it’s time to use them. You will have to place them upside-down in wet concrete. Create the concrete yourself and pour it around the border. You can use plastic or metal edging to get the lines you need. The beer bottles will look like small bubbles in the concrete.

12. Keeping it Simple – Stylish and Stunning

Create a simple border for your garden border edging ideas, using old pieces of cement rings. Cut the cement rings in half and place them next to each other, in any sort of pattern you’d like. With these half rings, you will be able to create an easy border. You can use this sort of garden edging to separate your garden pathway from the rest of your front or backyard. Of course, it’s up to you how you decide to design and create this garden edging!

13. Decorative and Gorgeous – For a Stunning Look

While we have talked about creating different types of borders for your flower bed edging ideas, we haven’t really mentioned buying them at the store. You can find a whole variety of unique and decorative borders at home and garden stores. Some are made out of plastic and are easily flexible and you can curve them into different shapes. But if you are more into stone, you will probably be able to find stone edging as well. You might be able to even find edging which has a pattern on it! This is a perfect way of creating a border between a raised flower bed and the lawn.

14. Using Some Fencing – Stone and Wood

Turn your garden into a unique space in which you love to be! You can create a lovely atmosphere, by improving your garden border edging ideas! Here is a perfect border for a raised garden bed, which you can put together yourself! You will need metal wire or fencing, which you fill with rocks and stones. Connect the filled fencings by placing a wooden log or block between each one. Just check out the picture above for an example of how to do it!

15. Easy and Affordable – Grey Stone Effect

Easy and Affordable - Grey Stone Effect

You might not have all the time in the world to work in your garden. After all, adult life comes with responsibilities and you don’t always have time left to do what you would like to. If you still want to create some garden edging, then you can buy some stick-in “stones.” All you need to do is stick them into the ground, right at the dividing line of your garden. These stones are actually made out of plastic, which makes them an easy and affordable choice.

16. Well-Designed Landscaping – Landscaping Border Ideas

Here is an example of using garden edging more than once, using two borders! If you have a lawn, a flower bed and a grove of bushes, then it’s time to separate all of these in a stylish way! For example, you can lay wood chips over your flower bed, separating it from the rest of your lawn. You can separate the flower bed from the bushes, by covering the floor where the bushes are with gravel or small pebbles. This will create a gorgeous effect in your garden, elevating the whole look of it!

17. A Clean Border – Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Are you still in search of landscaping border ideas on how to separate one part of your garden from another? Then make sure to take a glance at this garden edging idea! It’s all about placing planks of wood between these two parts. You will have to dig up the ground to make sure that the wood is built into the ground. This will create clean and simple borders, which are completely straight. It’s definitely easy garden fencing which you can create yourself, so make sure to give this a try if you like it!

18. An Elegant Sense – Using Different Coloured Pebbles

This is another amazing idea for creating a border between two parts of your garden! If you have already been considering using pebbles in your garden, then make sure to incorporate them! You can create a border between two parts of your garden by placing some plastic edging at the spot you want to divide the spaces. Then cover both parts of the garden with pebbles, but pebbles of a different colour! For example, white pebbles and grey pebbles will create a beautiful contrast.

19. Making a Fence – Border Ideas for Gardens

Making a Fence - Border Ideas for Gardens

There’s no easier way of creating border ideas for gardens, than with an actual fence! You can put a fence together yourself with thin wooden rods or branches. Use string, yarn or plastic to tie together the wood. Look up tutorials online, to see how you can make your own fence!

20. Thin Log Fence – Creative Garden Edging Ideas

If you love using wood in your garden, then make sure to use it for your flower bed edging ideas as well! You can have the logs cut in half before you place them together creating a fence between your flowers and the rest of your lawn.


We trust that this collection of creative garden edging ideas has given you some inspiration! For other ideas concerning gardens, besides border ideas for gardens, such as backyard landscaping or front yard landscaping ideas, visit our website!