Do you ever find yourself feeling somewhat cramped in your bathroom? Not all bathrooms are big, with heaps of storage space. This can make it difficult to keep your bathroom tidy and clean-looking. With all sorts of random items scattered around the room, you might see it as even less spacious than before. Having a small bathroom means you will have to find some inspiration for building some storage inside of it. So keeping this in mind, check out our pick of 25 bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. Thanks to these ideas, you may be able to remodel your small bathroom with storage!


1. A Ladder Shelf – Everything in One Place

Maybe you have noticed each time when you step in your bathroom, that you leave towels lying everywhere, as well as other sorts of products. Declutter your bathroom and organise everything, in order to create more space inside of it. A fantastic idea for doing this is to either purchase or build your own ladder shelf. You can make it out of an old ladder, you just have to use the steps of it as platforms for placing things on. On each step, you can place a small basket with all sorts of bathroom necessities organised inside of them.

2. Door Shelf – Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have a tiny bathroom, you will be familiar with the problem, that you don’t know how to create storage space in it. So, if you need some inspiration on how to construct a space for storage, then you have come to the right place! You can build a shelf yourself, which you actually place on the door of your bathroom. This is a great way of saving a bit of space in your small bathroom, not to mention, you also create a place for storage!

3. Hidden Storage Spaces – Behind Your Mirror

Hidden Storage Spaces - Behind Your Mirror

Sometimes you can even create hidden storage spaces in places you wouldn’t even think of! Something you will definitely have in your bathroom, usually right above your sink, is a mirror! After all, this is where we get ready in the mornings. So if you want to store a few makeup items or hygiene products, right behind your mirror will be a fantastic place for doing this at. This means you will want to get a mirror, which opens forward, just like a door. Another thing you can add, are some pull-out bathroom shelves, which pop out from the sides of the mirror. Easy and amazing!

4. Shower Shelves – Small Bathroom with Storage

Maybe you are in search of a logical and practical way of placing shelves in your shower? Why not create a set of floating corner shelves in your shower? You can place all sorts of soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel on the corner shelves. This way you won’t have to store your hygiene products on the floor of your shower and you won’t have to keep leaning down to pick them up for using them. Make sure you create enough shelves so that you can fit everything on them!

5. Built-In Shelves – Keeping It Easy

If you don’t want to take up any additional space in your bathroom, a great solution is to have some built-in shelves created. As built-in shelves are actually built into the walls, you won’t be taking up any space of your bathroom. You can use any sort of material for the shelves themselves, either wood, tiles or stone. It’s really up to you and what sort of style the bathroom is designed in. Use the built-in shelves not only for storage but for placing some decorative elements on them as well.

6. Underneath the Sink – Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Check out this other amazing option on where to place a shelf in your bathroom! Right under your bathroom sink! It will definitely help you spare some space in your bathroom, which is always a great idea if it’s a small bathroom. Make certain that the shelf or shelves underneath your sink matches the same style of design which your bathroom incorporates. This will make a great place for storing soap, toothbrushes and towels, practically anything you use on a daily basis!

7. A Slim Storage Tower – Innovative and Inventive

A Slim Storage Tower - Innovative and Inventive

Even if you have a tiny bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some storage space to it. A corner of the room where you can add a slim shelf is right next to the toilet. A slim shelf such as this will help in preparing some space in the room where you can store things. And since this shelf is truly slim, it means that you will be able to fit it in anywhere you’d like. Not to mention, it will serve as the perfect space for storing any sorts of bathroom essentials!

8. A Modern Look – Stylish and Chic

If you have decided on adding some shelves around your mirror or sink, one thing you will want to watch out for is the design of it. Firstly, you will want to make certain that its ambience fits in the bathroom. So for a rustic bathroom, you will want vintage-styled shelves. But for a bathroom on the modern side, you will want to install contemporary shelves! Another tip would be leaving these shelves open, as to adding doors to them. Open shelves will make them a lot more accessible, making it the practical choice for a small bathroom.

9. A Secret Door – Small Bathroom with Storage

Perhaps you have a built-in shelf inside your bathroom on one of the walls? If you have a small bathroom, you will also be looking for ways to save the most possible space. Then why not consider placing a mirror over your built-in shelf. All you will need to do is open the mirror, just like you would open a door, and voila! Inside is are shelves that you can fill with bathroom necessities. This is a great idea if you want to fit a mirror into your bathroom as well!

10. Cute and Practical – Build a Small Shelf

One place you wouldn’t think of adding a shelf to is right above your sink! You can build this shelf yourself out of a few pieces of wood, constructing a small table-like shelf. This is a great option for keeping the space surrounding your bathroom sink organized and tidy! Adding a small shelf such as this will enable you to store soap, as well as a few decorative ornaments on it. Remember to add some decorations, as this will give your bathroom a homely atmosphere!

11. Closet Door Shelves – Practical and Simple

Closet Door Shelves - Practical and Simple

Maximise your resources and space in your bathroom, which is an essential task if your bathroom is small. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you use all the space available to you. This might mean attaching some shelves to the doors of your vanity cabinets or a bathroom closet. Thanks to some extra shelves, you will be able to fit everything in, which you might not have been able to previously. So, if you have been searching for a relatively easy way of saving some space then give this a try!

12. Above the Door – Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Still unsure about where you can add a bathroom shelf, without taking up that much space? Well, if you really have run out of space then how about you attach a simple shelf to the part right above the bathroom door? It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything too special, a simple platform will do the trick as well! For example, this shelf will serve as a creative place for storing towels, but you can also add some hooks underneath the shelf also for towels or bathrobes.

13. Brilliant Baskets – Inexpensive and Effortless

Maybe you would like to install cheap space saving ideas for small bathrooms, that substitute standard floating shelves. This might come in the form of adding a few baskets to the walls of your bathroom. An easy way of doing this is to attach some hooks to the baskets and hang them from any part of the wall. For example, you might attach some rods to your walls, from which you can hang baskets, towels or practically anything!

14. Frame the Toilet – A Fantastic Small Bathroom with Storage

How about you create a frame for your toilet, which you can also add some shelves to. You can build it yourself, out of longer pieces of wood or timber. When you are finished with it, the frame might resemble a ladder instead of a shelf. This is when a few hooks which are attached to baskets come in handy, as you can place them on the steps of your shelf frame. This is an easy option, which will definitely help in saving space!

15. For Storing Towels – Urban Groove

For Storing Towels - Urban Groove

Keep your bathroom storage ideas simple and easy. Instead of installing floating shelves onto the walls, you can attach two metal towel hangers next to each other. But instead of placing them on the walls horizontally, do it vertically instead. Then all you will need to do is roll up some towels and squeeze them through both of the towel hangers. 

16. A Practical Drawer – Organizing Your Bathroom

Are you still in search of the perfect bathroom storage ideas for small spaces? Well, let’s admit it, it can prove to be a difficult task to find something which will fit into your tiny bathroom and doesn’t make the room feel crowded or clattered. How about you try out a shelf with drawers or a cabinet that has rolling wheels on it? These space saving ideas for small bathrooms will allow you to move it whenever you need to for extra space!

17. Add a Trashcan – Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Another amazing idea you might consider adding to your bathroom is a trashcan! But one which is built into the wall. This way your trashcan won’t take up any space in your actual bathroom. Just take a glance at the example above to gather some inspiration!

18. Makeover Your Linen Closet – Neat and Orderly

Perhaps you have a linen closet next to your bathroom. If you do, this is great, because you can organise anything you don’t need in your bathroom here. You can create separate shelves and place all your bathroom items in boxes or baskets, organizing them in your linen closet for an orderly and neat look!

19. Above the Toilet – Small Bathroom with Storage

Above the Toilet - Small Bathroom with Storage

A part of your bathroom you wouldn’t think of using as small bathroom storage ideas is the wall above your toilet. But just think about it, it’s not as if you are using that wall for anything else. Why not install a shelf above it, which will serve as a great place for storing toilet paper and many other items.

20. Frame the Mirror – Creative with Style

We have already mentioned building shelves around your mirror, which is a creative and gorgeous way of saving some space in your small bathroom. Naturally, you will also be able to add some decorations, such as candles or potplants to various parts of the shelf, to give it your storage solutions for small bathrooms a lovely look! Don’t forget to add some modern bathroom lighting to it as well!

21. A Fabulous Storage System – A Spot for All Your Things

Keep all your things sorted, by placing small boxes and containers in your drawers! This way, you will be able to categorise all your things, creating an organized space. If everything is neat and tidy, then you will be able to save a lot of space!

22. A Towel Bar – Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Find some storage solutions for small bathrooms! Maybe you want to add some sort of towel hanger or holder to your bathroom. A fantastic idea would be to place a towel bar right behind the bathroom door. This way, it won’t take up any additional space, but you’ll still have a great place to dry and store your towels.

23. A Drying Rack – Mounted on a Wall

A Drying Rack - Mounted on a Wall

Would you like to fit a drying rack into your bathroom but don’t have enough room for it? How about mounting your drying rack to one of the walls of the room? This is a practical way of bathroom space saving, by using the walls for creating new storage parts.

24. Shelves and Hangers – Simple Small Bathroom with Storage

Here is another bathroom space saving idea involving mounting hangers and shelves on your walls. After all, your walls are spare spaces in a room, so it would only make sense to use all of your surroundings. Especially if you have a tiny bathroom!

25. A Handy Cabinet – Stunning and Awesome

If you are trying to find the perfect cabinet, why not get one with more than just one function? Have a drawer placed in one of them, which you can use as a laundry basket. Use the rest as shelves on which you can place all your bathroom necessities, which don’t fit anywhere else. 


We hope that this collection of bathroom storage ideas for small spaces has inspired you. For other ideas, besides small bathroom with storage ideas, such as bathroom design ideas or bathroom lighting ideas, visit our website!