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20+ Summer Outfits You Can Easily Make Yourself

You probably have a few old clothes you don’t wear anymore. Don’t hurry to put your old shirts and dresses into the depths of your closet! Let’s add just one small detail, you can give new life to your clothes and make them really trendy. Check out the best summer outfits you can easily make yourself! It’s time to transform your boring old clothes! 

Bows always look feminine.

And to tell the truth they always look lovely as well! See the tutorial here.

Add some lace.

Some lace can help you a lot in your projects. You can find the patterns here.

Decorate your shirt with pearls

Here is another utterly beautiful and easy design! See the tutorial here or here.

Make a cool summer T-shirt with an open back.

Find out how to braid the back. You will adore your handmade open back!

Turn your maxi skirt into a short summer dress.

Read the sewing tips here and don’t hesitate to start your project today!

Make a trendy sweater with an open back.

See how to cut this trendy sweater.

Decorate your clothes with sequins.

It is an inexpensive idea to transform your boring clothes. See other pictures here.

You can make a cool print.

I immediately fell in love with this idea. What about you? The description lies here.

 20+ Summer Outfits You Can Easily Make Yourself
Take a new perspective on your shirt.

Click for more pictures and find your favorite design!

Add a cute detail — the elbow heart patches, for example.

See here how you can make these cute elbow heart patches.

Lace can make an ordinary black T-shirt look great.

And if you can’t believe it, you should try it out and experience the change on your skin! You won’t get disappointed! Read the tutorial here.

Gems will add a touch of chic to everything.

If you are looking for an elegant look, check out this one! See here how to decorate it.


Transform your T-shirt beyond recognition.

This DIY project is perfect for a beach holiday. Follow this tutorial.

Use lace

We can’t get bored of lace. That’s how it’s made.

 20+ Summer Outfits You Can Easily Make Yourself
You can apply a simple print on a long sleeve T-shirt

The instruction lies here.

Turn an old scarf into a new crop top.

At first sight, it might be unbelievable but it’s true! See the tutorial.

You can make a light summer dress out of a man’s shirt.

Are you planning a romantic dinner with your love? Great! Wear this dress! Click here if you’d like to have this one.

A boring sweater easily transforms into a romantic outfit.

To learn how to sew the lace on, click here.

Even an old T-shirt can be turned into a trendy dress.

Follow the tutorial.

You can apply a cute print on anything your heart wants.

The tutorial is really simple and the result will leave you amazed.


Turn a man’s T-shirt into a draped cardigan.

Draped cardigans are really popular nowadays so it’s time to create your own one! Tutorial.

Add lace to your tops.

Click here for different patterns.

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