The Best DIY T-shirt Projects: 16 Cool Ways To Transform It


Nowadays we often throw away our clothes that we don’t really want to wear anymore. But if you have an old T-shirt, don’t be in a hurry to part with it. Let’s turn your ordinary clothes into stylish summer outfit with the following DIY T-shirt projects! It’s pretty sure that you’ll rarely see anyone with a T-shirt like these!


This top is perfect for a beach holiday. A step-by-step instruction lies here.

Geometrical Cut

This geometrical cut is not that extravagant so you can wear it almost anywhere. See the details here.


Triangles are incredibly trendy nowadays, so it’s time to check out how to make this DIY T-shirt on your own!

Front Knot

This front knot T-shirt idea is perfect for parties. Tutorial


Slashed Heart

There are a lot of variations for heart shaped outfits. The details lie right here.


You can easily turn a simple T-shirt to an awesome crop top! See the link for a step-by-step guide.

T-Shirt Bathing Suit

Look here to see how to make this bathing suit!

Triple Twist

The details are here.



Don’t miss these amazing stripes in this summer! You’ll find the description here.


You can cut a tree from your ordinary T-shirt as well. See how to make this unique top!

 The Best DIY T-shirt Projects: 16 Cool Ways To Transform It
Open Back

We can’t get bored of open back tops! To learn the details, click here.

All-Seeing Eye

Here you can see an interesting cut, but it’s absolutely adorable! Click the link if you like it as well.



The best thing is that you don’t need extra ingredients to make your own heart-shaped top. Tutorial.

Halter Top

Check out the tutorial and you will immediately fall in love with this halter top!

Open Shoulders

Wanna have this romantic look? Click here!


Be a beautiful butterfly! Tutorial.


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