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17 DIY Shoes Projects To Transform Your Boring Shoes

You can easily get bored of your shoes, even if you have so many shoes that you can’t close the closet. All you need is to freshen up the old boots, using your creativity and some inexpensive materials. Check out the following amazing DIY shoes ideas and don’t hesitate to try out these interesting ways to change your shoes beyond recognition!

A Touch of Romance

Very delicate and romantic shoes can be made with a bow and an elastic band of a suitable color. And here you can see a detailed tutorial.

Trendy Toes

Even the simplest flat shoes can become more fashionable if you paint the toe using gold spray paint. Learn more about the details here.

Pom-poms and Houndstooth

These simple steps will help you to not only add stylish pom-poms to your boring black shoes but also to change their color completely.

Disco Style

It’s time to turn your blue sneakers into disco sneakers! It takes about 150 spikes and some craft glue to attach them to your sneakers. Don’t miss the tutorial here.

Fast Transformation

Here is another great variant to transform your shoes.

 17 DIY Shoes Projects To Transform Your Boring Shoes
Almost Haute Couture

You can give glamor and chic to a common pair of suede pumps with the help of a piece of lace, sequins, threads, rhinestones, and glue. A detailed tutorial can be found right here.

A New Color

The simplest cloth shoes can be transformed by using a fabric paint. Details on how to do this can be found in this tutorial.

Rock Style

Use pliers to change the chain’s length, and sew them on with thread in a matching color, as shown here.

A Touch of Chic

You can make your heels, standard in color and style, look more elegant and trendy without spending much money. Learn here how to have the same shoes.


A pair of casual Converse can be easily turned into party shoes. To do that, take craft glue, silver glitter, and studs.

An Evening Out

You can turn a pair of ordinary ankle boots into a pair perfect for an evening out if you use some cloth, scissors, and glue.

 17 DIY Shoes Projects To Transform Your Boring Shoes
Bright Bow

Look here to learn how to make the bows and attach them to your shoes using glue.


Rose with Thorns

You may have a very interesting pair of spiked shoes, just follow this tutorial.

Simple and Tasteful

This simple technique will make your favorite summertime heels look more chic.

For a Summertime Party

You can easily transform your light T-strap heels. Click here to find out how to become a disco princess.

A Touch of Elegance

You can make your old cloth sneakers look more fresh and elegant — all you need is a piece of leather.

Carrie Bradshaw Style
If you have a little knowledge of sewing by hand, you can make them by following this tutorial.

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