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Here's How You Can Make Sign Stands From Cement And An Ice Cube Tray!

Are you preparing for parties or group events during which you’ll meet new people? Do you also have a trouble remembering their names? Well instead of memory games, here is a way how you can make name sign stands from nothing but cement! Check it out!
Here’s the list of materials you will need:

 It all takes a day or a little more to complete. Here is the first step which you’ll need to do, once you have every material ready.
Take a piece of cardboard and draw the template below on it. Be sure to include the little dots as well, those are important.
 Cut along the sides like on the picture shown above. Now it’s time to work with the cement. Now mix up 1 part concrete, and 2 parts sand in a plastic cup. Do NOT add water before you are done.
Here is how it should look when you’re done. You can also purchase ready-mixed cement if you want to save yourself some time from making these awesome name sign stands.
 Now add water to the cement until it darkens like on the picture above. Always use a construction mask when working with cement to prevent it from getting into your lungs. Even if you’re just making name sign stands, you have to be careful.
Once it’s mixed well, pour the cement into the plastic tray like this. You can fill them to until they are almost full, the point is that there should be enough cement for them. Then stick the little pins into the cement and let it dry.
Let it dry for about 1 day or a little more. Be sure to remove it only when it’s completely dry! They are very easy to remove from the tray. Your name sign stands are almost complete!
You can place name signs, photos, or little notes in them. The point is that they are easy to make and place anywhere. They are really handy at parties too!