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12 Old Door Vintage Decor Ideas To Boost The Charm Of Your Rustic House

If you would like to decorate your home in classy and original ways, grab your old doors and check out the following vintage decor ideas. With these 12 projects, you can boost the charm of your rustic house and make your visitors jealous! Let’s reinvent the interior of your home while still staying within your budget!

Reclaimed Door Coffee Table

Do you have any old barn door around your home? Believe it or not, you can make an amazing coffee table from it!  All you need is a bit of imagination and courage! You can find the instructions below.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – killerbdesigns

New Potting Bench

Soon you will realize that you can easily re-style your old door in countless different ways, such as making a new potting bench.

Project Source – hymnsandverses



Add An Old Door In One Of Your Living Room’s Corners!

If you would like to create a real vintage atmosphere in your home, you shouldn’t miss adding an old door in one of your living room’s corners. This visual effect is simply perfect.
Project Source – designsponge

Add A Vintage Door To Your Bedroom – Right Behind The Bed!

Victorian era/vintage style is pure and very clean at the same time, what’s more, it will never go out of fashion.

Project Source – shopruche

 12 Old Door Vintage Decor Ideas To Boost The Charm Of Your Rustic House
Turn Your Old Door Into A Magnetic Chalkboard!

This tutorial is particularly useful for mothers who are looking for a creative and useful way to educate their children. Your child will adore your idea and will want to study all the time with you!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – teasleyphotography

Old Door, New Table!

Discover this lovely project that will show you just how easy it is to turn your old door into a brand new table before you even realize it!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – yellowblissroad

Old Doors Turned Into Lovely Outdoor Wedding Shrine

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, so why not make it special?

Project Source – postris


Vintage Door Bench

If  you love to spend time outdoors, then this vintage door bench is everything you need this spring and summer!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – lilluna

 12 Old Door Vintage Decor Ideas To Boost The Charm Of Your Rustic House
Repurposed Salvaged Door

It’s practical, creative, functional and very affordable at the same time. It’s time to change the way you look at old doors!

Project Source – greenweddingshoes

Entertainment Cabinet And Entry Way

Here you can find a rather complex decoration process, but worth all the time and effort!

Project Source – junkchiccottage

Sofa Made From Old Doors!

You will be surprised to see what a stylish and very comfortable sofa you can make, with only several old doors that you would otherwise throw away.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – designsponge

Repurposed Horse Stall Door

Store your alcohol in an easy and simple manner – and let this tutorial show you how to do just that!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – designsponge

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