20 HAIRSTYLES FOR 50 YEAR OLD WOMAN WITH GLASSES - Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses

20 HAIRSTYLES FOR 50 YEAR OLD WOMAN WITH GLASSES – Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses


Perhaps you want to spruce up your whole look! Besides choosing the perfect outfit and accessories, you may want to find a new hairstyle for yourself! When choosing a hairstyle for yourself, you’ll want to watch out for a few things! Whether the hairstyles or haircut matches your face shape. Or depending on your hair texture you may choose options that will accentuate that texture! Maybe you wear glasses and would love to find a hairstyle that complements it! How about you look through our pick of 20 hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses? Thanks to these over 50 hairstyles with glasses, you’ll be certain to find something fantastic!


1. A Pair of Round Glasses – Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses

Do you have a pair of round glasses? These types of glasses definitely add a retro and hipster vibe to your look! So, what types of hairstyles would look amazing paired with these types of glasses? To be completely honest, there are actually a lot of hairstyles or haircuts that go really well with round glasses. Pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses are just one of these. But leaving your hair to grow out longer is guaranteed to look gorgeous as well with these glasses!

2. Cute and Short – Looking Your Best

Whether you’re twenty or over fifty, you’ll want to look your best! No matter what! If you’re in search of a haircut that requires practically no maintenance whatsoever, but will still look great, here’s an idea for you!  Pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses are a fantastic choice to try out! Pixie cuts will give you that boost of youthfulness and fun! Of course, you’ll probably have to get your hair cut every now and then. A small trim will ensure that your hair looks healthy and is filled with volume! So how about you consider trying out a cute pixie cut?

3. Curls for Days – Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman with Glasses

Do you have gorgeous curly hair? Curly hair goes beautifully with glasses, whether it’s long or short! Depending on your personal preference or style, you may decide to opt for a shorter cut of your curly hair! Sometimes short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses are the best option! Keeping your hair shorter will also help in keeping your curls full of volume. Not to mention short curls will also prove to be low-maintenance. Short curls will go especially well with long, oval-shaped glasses!

4. A Fabulous Bob – Stylish and Stunning

A Fabulous Bob - Stylish and Stunning

A hairstyle that is guaranteed to look perfect with glasses is none other than a bob! After all, bobs look fabulous on most face shapes, as well as all ages! If you want to get your hair trimmed into a bob, you don’t need to go for an incredibly sleek style of it. A layered and messier bob will look just as fantastic! Depending on what would match your face shape, you may decide on adding a fringe or bangs to your bob! You’ll be able to wear your bob with any sort of glasses!

5. Adding Layers – Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses

There are so many hairstyles that look great for older ladies who wear glasses! Keeping this in mind, it usually comes down to what hairstyle would look great with your face shape. Naturally, you’ll have to take the texture of your hair into consideration as well! For example, if you have thin or fine hair, you might be in search of ways to add more volume to it! An easy way of achieving this is by adding layers to your hair. Layers will add more dimension and volume to any hair, which is exactly what will perk up thin and fine hair!

6. A Layered Pixie – A Youthful Style

If you’re feeling like you want to try out a fun and youthful hairstyle, then here’s one of many over 50 hairstyles with glasses for ladies! We have already mentioned pixie cuts. While they are short, pixie cutes bring newfound confidence to their wearers! These haircuts are definitely out there with their cute and playful style! You can always opt for a layered pixie cut if you want to emphasize the volume of your hair! A pixie cut paired with retro glasses will look fabulous!

7. Conservative – Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman with Glasses

Not everyone wants a hairstyle or haircut that is completely modern! A lot of ladies prefer hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses that are more conservative. And there’s absolutely no problem with that! So, if you are trying to discover a conservative haircut, then here’s one that you might love to give a go! Instead of going for a fancy or layered cut, keep it as simple as possible. Get your hair cut short around your head. Of course, you can feel free to add bangs. Rectangular glasses will look great with this short haircut!

8. Smart and Sleek – Tied Into a Bun

Smart and Sleek - Tied Into a Bun

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will exude sophistication and elegance? Then instead of trying to find the perfect haircut, find the best hairstyle! An easy hairstyle that looks great on any age group is a ponytail or a bun! You can simply gather all your hair and tie it together on the top of your head, or turn it into a low ponytail or bun. With the addition of glasses, these hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses will look refined and sleek! It’s great for ladies, who want to keep their hair out of their face during the day!

9. A Flattering Bob – Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses

We have already talked quite a bit about bob haircuts! The great factor of bobs is that they look amazing for any age group. And let’s not forget that there are different types of bobs to try out. So depending on your style you can get a layered bob or one that really accentuates the length of the strands of hair in the front. Bobs are bound to look beautiful with any types of glasses, making this a super versatile haircut for ladies out there who wear glasses! This makes them fantastic medium hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses!

10. Straight and Spectacular – Perfect for Any Occasion

Perhaps you’d love a haircut that will look fabulous for any occasion! If this is the case, we would recommend that you have your hair cut to a medium length! The great thing about medium hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses is that they aren’t super short, allowing you to style them. Get your hair cut in a straight line around the length of your shoulders. Feel free to add bangs to your hairstyle!

11. Long Silver – Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman with Glasses

Are you in search of some gorgeous, long hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses? Then you’re bound to fall in love with this simple yet effortlessly beautiful hairstyle! All you have to do is let your hair grow out long. Naturally, make sure to get it trimmed every now and then, as this will prevent split ends from occurring. Instead of dying your hair into a different colour, keep it grey or silver for an incredibly unique and elegant look! Long hair will look fabulous with any style or shape of glasses!

12. Shoulder-Length – An Easy Type of Haircut

Shoulder-Length - An Easy Type of Haircut

As we have talked about before, you don’t necessarily need an extravagant or sleek hairstyle to look amazing over the age of fifty! How about trying out a shoulder-length haircut? This will allow you to try out simple hairstyles, such as a bun, braid or ponytail. But if you want to keep your hair out, try parting your hair on one of the sides of your head, as an alternative to parting it in the middle. A shoulder-length haircut like this example will look great for ladies who wear glasses!

13. Swept to the Side – Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses

Here is yet another gorgeous hairstyle for any ladies out there who are over fifty! How about a mid-length haircut, that is layered just a bit? You can sweep all of your hair to one side, meaning that you part your hair on either side of your head instead of in the middle. Add some extra volume to your hair by backcombing it. This is just another one of many hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses that will be perfect for ladies with thin or fine hair!

14. Choosing the Right Colours – For the Frame and the Hair

While we have discussed the right sort of hairstyles for ladies who wear glasses, how about choosing the right colours? You’ll want the colour of your glasses to complement your hair, as well as the outfits you wear on a daily basis! We would recommend that you opt for colours that really bring out the best of both! Naturally, you can choose a frame for your glasses that has some groovy pattern on it. For example, tortoiseshell has come back into fashion!

15. Simplistic – Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Glasses

We are all familiar with the saying that less is more! Well, it’s true when it comes to the world of hair! If you are a lady over the age of fifty, you may just be looking for a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require too much maintenance. A great choice would be to get your hair cut shorter than shoulder-length. Allow it to fall naturally onto both sides of your head. It’s up to you, whether you’d like to add some layers to it or not! We’re certain anything will look fabulous!

16. Heighten the Crown – Another Fabulous Pixie

Heighten the Crown - Another Fabulous Pixie

Do you want to find a haircut that will heighten the crown of your head, and will also look amazing with glasses? Then how about a layered and heightened pixie cut? This is a short type of cropped haircut that will give you a youthful yet refined appearance. A layered pixie cut is great for anyone who has thin or fine hair, as it is guaranteed to give your whole hair a boost of volume! If you want to give it even more volume, consider using some hairspray or some hair mousse!

17. Spikey and Short – Over 50 Hairstyles with Glasses

Get a fun and groovy haircut! Here is one of many short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses that will look amazing! This haircut revolves around getting your hair cut short. Then use hair mousse, spray or gel to create some spikes going upwards. You can get some bangs cut in the front or a side fringe, depending on what would look good for your face shape. This hairstyle will look great with either classic, rectangular glasses or more modern circular or square-shaped glasses!

18. Stunning in Silver – Keeping it Natural

Remember, that even if your hair starts to grey, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dye it! After all, keeping it natural will look just as beautiful! You can have your silver locks cut in any length you’d like! If you opt for mid-length or long hair, you’ll be able to try out different styling techniques easily! For example, braiding your hair or tying it into a ponytail or bun!

19. Fun Curls – Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman with Glasses

Get ready to try something new! Most people think that curly hair only looks good in a medium or long cut. But we’re here to prove them wrong! A terrific hairstyle for women over 50 with glasses might consist of curly hair but getting it cut short! So, if you’re feeling brave, maybe think about trying it out!

20. Refined and Youthful – Short and Layered

Refined and Youthful - Short and Layered

Finally, we have brought you a short haircut that exudes a sense of refinement, but at the same time youthfulness! Get your hair trimmed into a pixie cut, but make sure to add a lot of layers to it! This haircut is guaranteed to look fantastic with both classic and modern styles of glasses!


We hope that this collection of hairstyles for 50 year old woman with glasses has helped you to find something! For other ideas, besides over 50 hairstyles with glasses, check out our short hairstyles for women over 50 and cute haircuts for little girls!