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Reinvent Your Wardrobe With These Cute Crop Tops For Summer

Summer brings a huge smile on our faces as its time to welcome all those cute crop tops that are a breath of fresh air in the hot days and look absolutely adorable.You don’t need to buy them in stores, you would be surprised to know that you can make amazing crop tops at home out of your existing or old wardrobe collection. Check out the most amazing DIY crop tops and reinvent your wardrobe!

DIY Bandana Crop Top

Summers are here and it’s time to hit the beach! This do-it-yourself Bandana Crop Top is perfect for flaunting by the sea or to a regular day out.

Crop Top DIY

We all have a few old pairs of jeans, shirts or t-shirts that have outgrown in size so let’s into beautiful crop tops! Gather legs of an old Texan newspaper, a centimeter scale, a pen, a few pins, a Velcro or zipper, some chalk, a needle or a sewing machine and start your project!

DIY Knotty Crop Top

Up-style that old dress of yours that you don’t wear. All it takes is some cutting and knotting. The key is to cut the bottom to your desired length and cut some strips out of the bottom.

DIY Sunflower Crop Top

Floral prints are always in, especially in summer. It’s time to build a handsome DIY Crop Top out of it in just a few steps, using a marker, pattern drafting paper, and some sewing material, including scissors, sewing pins and measuring tape.

 Reinvent Your Wardrobe With These Cute Crop Tops For Summer
Turn a Tank into a Beautiful Crop Top

You will adore this one! Just cut the back, slit the front, wear the top and tie the two front ends together at your back.

Leggings To Crop Top

All you need to do is fold the leggings in half and make a single simple cut, and voila ! The end results are so gorgeous you would think twice whether it was actually a legging.


Wrap Crop Top DIY

You need scissors, needle, thread, sewing machine, and of course, a shirt. Wear it as a crop knotted in front, tie a front bow, or simply wrap it around the body tying it at the back!

DIY Bikini To Crop Top

Turn your favourite bikini top into a crop top. Add to it some lace and you will have a lovely touch of elegance to your overall look.

Reinvent Your Wardrobe With These Cute Crop Tops For Summer
Wardrobe Remix – One Scarf Three Ways

You will see, a scarf is simply full of creativity, explore it now why!

Woven Crop Top

If you have two identical T-shirts, you are good to go with the project, grabbing a rotary blade, a pair of fabric scissors and a cutting mat. Always cut horizontal strips in one tee while making vertical cuts in another, followed by weaving them together.

No Sew Sequin Graphic Crop

Make an ultra glitzy sequin craft on that crop top of yours that has been all about subtle and minimalism until now.

DIY Crop Top From an Old Tee

Just cut the sleeves a little and the neckline to make it a much wider boat neck crop.

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