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12 Outdoor Summer Dinner Party Ideas You Need To Try Out

The best thing about the arrival of summers is those awesome parties you can plan for in your yard. Here you can find everything you need from amazingly delicious snacks and DIY bars to picturesque outdoor decoration and planning themed get togethers. Don’t miss the best summer dinner party ideas which will create unforgettable celebrations!

Edible Flower Ice Cubes

The following idea is especially for warm summer nights when you drink cold drinks with your friends. Grab a cube tray, some fresh picked edible blossoms like pansies, roses, marigolds, violets and geraniums and distilled water. How amazing little pieces of chilly goodness!

Woodsy Party Tutorial Two- Moss Letters

If you adore nature these moss letters are for you!

Watermelon Tequila Jello Shots

It probably can’t get cuter than this for a nice summer party dessert!  Apart from the already mentioned ingredients, all you need is some boiling water to put the delights together.

Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial

Transform a bunch of tin cans from plain to enchanting by re-purposing them into gorgeous DIY Lanterns.

 12 Outdoor Summer Dinner Party Ideas You Need To Try Out
Fantasy Lounging on the Grass

Don’t forget the key: just add lots of florals and a lovely summer menu to get everything party-ready!


Backyard Party S’mores

Lots of marshmallows, some cookie butter, and loads of delectable Nutella come into play, along with yummy dark chocolate bars and crispy cookies. Hm, it sounds great!

Backyard Ice Cream Party

Beat the heat with buckets of ice cream in your next summer get together! The best thing is that everyone can pick up their choice of ingredients and build a delicious jar of their favourite flavor and extras.

Mojitos + Mason Jars = The Best Summer Parties

There is no doubt that beautiful mason jars housing amazingly refreshing mint-infused mojitos can turn out to be the star element of an outdoor summer party. All you need is some mint leaves, lime juice, caster sugar, white rum, ice, and club soda.

12 Outdoor Summer Dinner Party Ideas You Need To Try Out
Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone

Who said that ice creams cones are only meant to store a delicious scoop of ice cream?


DIY Lanterns – Let There Be Light

These DIY Lanterns look just so beautiful while hanging from the trees in your yard, or adorning the top of the dinner table, flaunting lovely little golden lights studded in a ball of yarn.

Fire Pit with Hay Bail Seating

Install a fire pit in your backyard and cherish a feeling like no other while you sit around the pit with all your friends.

The Best Way to Cook Corn on the Cob

If you simply adore corn on the cob but aren’t able to find something that helps you cook them while your lobster pot is already busy, a cooler corn can come to your rescue.

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