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Discover The Most Breathtaking Cookie Decorating Ideas

Creating artwork out of weird materials is all the rage, and creating art out of food is especially getting more and more popular these days. Tisha Cherry a culinary creator makes beautiful masterpieces from simple Oreos. Her cookie decorating ideas will definitely amaze everyone because she uses Oreo’s flavored cream fillings to create tiny, edible paintings on the iconic cookies.

Cherry has created a tiny palette out of Oreos.

As you can see, she uses both the Golden and traditional varieties of Oreo cookies. “I’m especially fond of the company’s limited edition flavors, which come in a variety of colors that make for some great painting.”-said Cherry.

Some of her Oreo pieces are inspired by famous artworks, like this one below of American Gothic.

Cherry mixes cream colours to get the correct hues and uses a toothpick to paint her creations. She creates her image on the back side of the cookie because it makes the perfect canvas. It’s a simple idea, but amazing!

Have you ever realised that the creamy filling is actually pretty perfect for capturing thick, Impressionist-style painting?
Here you can see a masterpiece about Frida Kahlo.
The works of Van Gogh come out exceptionally well.
  cookie decorating ideas
Did you know that thick, built-up layers of paint are called impasto?
Sometimes, I create images simply because they look pretty, like these sculptural roses for Mother’s Day.
 cookie decorating ideas
According to Cherry,  you can’t go wrong with the classic colour palette. What about trying it out at home?
 You can even make a simple wave from Oreo cookies.
What’s more, her other images are inspired by memes and pop culture.
This one is of everyone’s favourite sad-sack cat.


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