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Discover 18 Mother's Day Ideas And Crafts That Speak For Themselves

There is no doubt that homemade gifts have a special meaning. With these Mother’s Day ideas and crafts, you can show how much you love your mother and care about her by investing your time, creativity and energy in that gift. Discover 18 cheap craft ideas that definitely speak for themselves!

Mother’s Day Handprint Apron

This handprint apron is one of the best gifts you can give to your mom. It’s very cost-effective and easy to make at the same time. Don’t miss it!

Project Source and Tutorial: littlepageturners

Bouquet For Mom

Are you looking for a truly eternal flower bouquet? This paper flower bouquet is definitely what you need. Your mother will adore this cute craft, don’t forget, it will last forever!

Project Source and Tutorial: krokotak

 Artsy Candles

You can never go wrong with candles, they are great for just about any occasion. This tutorial below will show you the steps and you will want to make more in the future!

PProject Source and Tutorial: cometogetherkids

Woven Hearts

You can easily make your own woven hearts at home: not for decorative purposes, but for surprising your mother with a genuine gift.

Project Source and Tutorial: mayamade


Handmade Pillows

Moms adore pillows and can never have too many of them! This idea is not just a simple gift, but it will add add comfort and style to your house, too.

Project Source and Tutorial: maureencracknellhandmade

Flower Pot Gift

This Mother’s Day fingerprint pot is adorable from every point of view!

Project Source and Tutorial: theinspiredhome

Discover 18 Mother’s Day Ideas And Crafts That Speak For Themselves


“I Love My Mom Because…”

The following idea is also a statement that will definitely melt every mother’s heart and soothe her soul.

Project Source: foodloveandlifeblog

Watercolour-Based Printable Mother’s Day Card

Easy and hassle-free, these cards can be printed within seconds, and their effect is guaranteed every time!

Project Source and Tutorial: hellobee


Picture Candle Holder

This picture candle holder is a high-quality, durable and personalized gift that features a picture of your choice.

Project Source and Tutorial: jmanandmillerbug

Salt Dough Footprint Heart

Salt dough can harden up very quickly and will last for years. No wonder that a footprint heart is an outstanding gift for Mother’s Day.

Project Source and Tutorial: roamingrosie.hubpages

Spring Cupcake Flowers

Bring spring into your home with these lovely spring cupcake flowers! Your mom will adore these beautiful flowers.

Project Source and Tutorial: momtastic


Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

This picture frame vase is great for mothers who  always make sure there is a scented and colourful bouquet of flowers somewhere in the house.
Project Source and Tutorial: homestoriesatoz

 Discover 18 Mother’s Day Ideas And Crafts That Speak For Themselves
Lovely Mother’s Day Painting

This DIY craft is great for little artists who want to express themselves freely. Combine colours as you want and enjoy it!

Project Source and Tutorial: theeducatorsspinonit

DIY Mother’s Day Brooch

Each mother is unique in her own way, so make your own DIY Mother’s Day brooch, without investing a small fortune in materials!

Project Source and Tutorial: krokotak

Lovely Mother’s Day Invitation

This is a lovely Mother’s Day invitation that is actually disguised as a watering can. It will make your mom smile and be grateful for having you around.

Project Source and Tutorial: krokotak

Spoon Flowers

Check out a tutorial that will show you just how practical plastic spoons can be!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftymorning

I Love You This Much!

Another great DIY gift for Mother’s Day is the “I love you this much!” card – of course, you cannot overstate how much you love and respect your mother, but you can help her make an idea about it!

Project Source and Tutorial: tiffkeetch

“I Love You” Flower Petals

Write down why you love your mother on a paper flower’s petals and your mother will definitely appreciate it!

Project Source: jadelouisedesigns

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