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12 DIY Pallet Patio Furniture Tutorials For A Practical Outdoor Patio

Decorating and furnishing your patio is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible! According to many people, a patio is one of the most important rooms in your house, so it’s time to turn it into your little piece of Heaven where you can retreat. No matter if you have a fully enclosed, a partially-open or an open-air patio, you can find here many pallet patio furniture ideas with step by step guides.

Lovely Corner Furniture

This lovely corner furniture set consists of two chairs, a corner bench, and a generously spaced table. If you have some extra pallets at home, recycle them in an efficient, eco-friendly and functional manner. Always clean them and remove all the debris and dust, then apply a fresh, thick layer of paint.

Source and DIY tutorial – sassy-sparrow

Complete Pallet Furniture Makeover

There is no doubt that this one will add liveliness, freshness, and joy to your patio! Colorful pillows, blankets, and carpets will make it look like high-end designer furniture!

Source and DIY tutorial – placeofmytaste

Pallet-Based Day Bed For Your Patio

This day bed is multi-functional and it is great for a variety of purposes. Here you can perfectly recharge your batteries or read your favourite book.

Source and DIY tutorial – lovelygreens

Pallet Wood Chair

Do you like those classic, country-style armchairs or reclining chairs? You can make your own with several old but still good pallets, just check out the tutorial below.

Source and DIY tutorial – funkyjunkinteriors

 12 DIY Pallet Patio Furniture Tutorials For A Practical Outdoor Patio
Pallet Furniture Set For The Entire Family

The following idea is perfect for large families, or friends who come to visit. If you add a top glass portion, it will have a cool visual effect, too.

Source and DIY tutorial – bridgman

Shipping Crate Table

As you can see its seemingly unfinished look only makes it even more elegant and luxurious. What’s more, you can add a vintage or retro effect to your patio!

Source and DIY tutorial – infarrantlycreative

Wood Deck Cooler

Pallets are notorious for their ease of use and their impressive versatility that allows us to transform them into virtually any piece of furniture. Let’s make your own wood deck cooler!

Source and DIY tutorial – foxhollowcottage

Build Yourself A Comfy Pallet Day Bed

This day bed is a very versatile and portable piece of furniture that is great to have around.

Source and DIY tutorial – prettyprudent

12 DIY Pallet Patio Furniture Tutorials For A Practical Outdoor Patio


Stylish Outdoor Pallet Seating For Your Furniture

Here you can study how to combine different colours and textures like a true interior designer, for the best results.

Source and DIY tutorial – hgtv

Homemade Succulent Pallet Table

If you are into gardening and you are passionate about flowers, then you will instantly fall in love with this pallet table! You can opt for evergreens or perennials,too.

Source and DIY tutorial – faroutflora

Make A Potting Bench Out Of Pallets

Have you ever used potting benches before? Believe it or not, you can make a very versatile and useful potting bench made entirely from old pallets.Personalize them just the way you want to, and you can also paint them whenever needed!

Source and DIY tutorial – bhg

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

You can get your own swing bed within several hours but make sure to take your time when nailing the pallets together!

Source and DIY tutorial – themerrythought


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