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These Awesome Fence Styles Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

If you are dreaming of exciting fence styles you shouldn’t miss the following ideas! The list of creative fence decorations is endless, so you will definitely find your favorite one. What’s more, it’s time to make your neighbors a little bit nervous!  

Enjoy your privacy without the ugly side effects, check out a few things you can do to spruce up an otherwise offputting fence!

What about turning your fence into a wall that your children are allowed to write on? One thing is sure, it will be a lot of fun!
If you glue marbles to your fence, they’ll beautifully catch the light every afternoon. It’s such a simple, but clever idea.
Don’t throw out your old trays you will never use, just hang them indoors in an elegant way.
Moreover, you can do the same with vintage china. But don’t let them outside when it’s raining!
 These Awesome Fence Styles Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous
These old frames with fresh coats of paint perfectly complement small planters. If you have a white fence, use black or colorful frames.
As you can see, mirrors not only make your backyard seem bigger, they’re also a beautiful touch. It’s so unique!
Add an old window for an adorable effect.
It’s time to express your style by painting a fun mural on your fence.
 These Awesome Fence Styles Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous
Are you looking for a super inexpensive idea? You have found it because these tin can planters are not just cheap, but adorable as well.
You can make amazing DIY crafts from mason jars, let’s use them as lights in your fence now.
You can also cover your fence with hanging planters.
Do you live near the beach and adore surfing? Great! Then this surf fence is absolutely for you!

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