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This Simple And Awesome Cheap Wall Decor Idea Will Blow Your Mind

Do you often feel like putting some self-made creative decorations on your walls? If you like crocheting and you want some creative cheap wall decor in your house, check out this article! It’s really simple, so anyone can do it and the results are amazing!
You’ll need the following:

First, you will need to create two circles with the yarn. That’s when the led lights come in.
The tubing of the led lights can only curve up to a certain degree. That’s why you will need a certain amount of initial circles in the middle of this cheap wall decor.
Now, crochet eight chain stitches into the circle first and in the second round do two single crochets each in the individual chain stitches.
Now you have the led tube crocheted in. Don’t forget to do it as loosely as possible for an easy fit!
Now you repeat the process. Just add more crochets and after every sixth crochet, add a stitch too.
As you progress with crocheting the led lights into with the yarn, your circle will get bigger and bigger. Your awesome and cheap home decor is almost done.
At the last circle, add double crochets, so it will look much nicer. Now comes the best part of this idea.
With a needle, weave in an overhanging end to the top of your new cheap wall decor. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put this on a wall, or hang it anywhere you wish.
Plug in the led lights and you’re done! A different colour can be used for the yarn too but white gives it a nice and warm, golden glow.
You can add some extra decorations to the side of your new cheap wall decor too. Hang it on a wall, use it on the floor, it’s all up to you. Remember to use led tubes, because these do not get too hot when used.
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