Amazing Tutorial For Creating Awesome But Cheap Furniture By Yourself!


Lots of people are living in cities, where they can not grow a garden on their own. However, many still love plants and nature. The solution is in this article! You can create cheap furniture for your plants, so you can grow them in your home easily.

You will need a pot, a copper pipe, and a pipe cutter. As a start, measure the diameter of the pot you have chosen. Cut the copper pipe into four pieces, in the size of the diameter of the pot.

When the first step towards making cheap furniture is done, pick 4 T-shaped copper fittings and put them on the end of the pipes. Arrange them together as seen in the picture.

Make sure that everything fits! The pot should not slip out of the frame.

Add two more squares and shorter pieces of copper to the end of the ladder-like cheap furniture. You will have 3 full and 2 half-squares.

Build two more of these ladders! Then, add more T-shaped forms to the ends of them, but this time, they should be facing up.

Put longer pipes between them and be sure to have enough place for the pots and the plants themselves, too. Your awesome and cheap furniture is almost done!
cheap furniture

Then, the next thing to do is placing it where you want your mini garden! If you want your plants to be healthy and grow well, place them into a window that gets a lot of sunshine.


Now you can see how awesome your new cheap furniture looks like! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a plant holder: you can place wooden planks on it, to create an awesome shelf too. The possibilities are almost endless!

If you want, you can make smaller versions too, like this plant table.
Overall, you will need:
  • Copper pipe
  • 36 copper T-fittings (in the appropriate diameter for the pipe)
  • 8 copper 90°-elbows (note the diameter)
  • Gorilla glue
  • 8 copper pipe straps (note the diameter)
  • 16 screws
  • 9 identical flower pots
  • Tube cutter

Thank you for reading and good luck with your work!