Nine Rules of a Real Woman


A woman is more than a simple woman: She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and I think, we can say this list is almost endless. No wonder that these demands might break you down and you forget about yourself. If you would like to know how to become a real woman who enjoys life, check out this article!  
Being a woman is wonderful despite many disadvantages. (You probably know these disadvantages, but we can handle every problem, so let’s not talk about negative things now.)
The way I see it, every woman is a ‘real woman’, but sometimes -as I have already mentioned- we just forget about ourselves. Am I right?
It’s time to discover 9 rules which will make you think about your life. Can you appreciate little things? Why do you feel insecure? How can you become more confident? How to be successful and be yourself?
Read on and find the answer to your questions! Discover the real woman inside you!

9 rules of a real woman

1. Don’t chase happiness, choose to be happy

A real woman doesn’t chase happiness all the time. Of course, everyone wants to have a better future, a better life, but most of us don’t live in the present moment, which is a big problem.

2. The most important and interesting thing is the present day 

Always have plans for the future, but don’t wait for tomorrow all the time. Never get so busy that you forget to live your life.

9 rules of a real woman, live today

3. Being a real woman is a privilege

Admire and appreciate that you were born a woman. Behaving like a woman is not enough. Always know it and feel it on your skin! You can cultivate your femininity everywhere, just think of your feelings, emotions, thoughts, body, and behavior. What is more, you are lucky and you can become a mother as well, so appreciate it. Being a woman is a gift.

9 rules of a real woman


4. Live at your own pace

Each of us has our own pace of life. A real woman feels it and lives in harmony with it. Don’t be afraid to set the pace for the circumstances while managing the events in your life. Don’t lose your appetite for life!
9 rules of a real woman

5. Be your own #1

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you are selfish or insensitive. Being interested in your own life is really important!  You are also able to support, help, and sympathize with others at the same time.

Never say ’yes’ if your heart says ’no,’ and always listen to yourself and trust your feelings.

9 rules of a real woman

6. You don’t need a ’checklist’ to show to others

Every girl gets this ’checklist’ in their childhood — from parents, teachers, relatives, friends, and colleagues. And unfortunately, many women devote their whole lives to marking off items on these ’checklists.’
It’s time to not just create your own life goals, but achieve them too! Don’t panic if these goals don’t meet the standards of society.

7. Grow out of being a ’good girl’

A ’good girl’ is a daughter who has got one task: to be good enough to get approval, even if her own desires are totally opposite. After a while, you should leave your inner ‘good girl’ in the past, but it doesn’t mean that you ignore other’s opinions.

9 rules of a real woman

8. Aloneness is a gift 

Love the time when you are alone. Having time for yourself is the best time to recover.
9 rules of a real woman

9. Love your age. Always.

A real woman benefits from her age. Every age has its own beauty, sexuality, and charm.

9 rules of a real woman

As you can see, being a real woman is a complex thing. But don’t let it get in your way! Everything is up to you: live the life you dream about. Be yourself. Find yourself. Be real. It’s never late! You are amazing.
Thank you for joining me and reading this article!