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The Best Undemanding Outdoor and Indoor Plants for Busy People


There is no doubt that plants create a wonderful atmosphere in your home. Unfortunately, many people give up having plants because they have no time for, or simply forget watering and taking care of them. What about checking out 10 really easy to grow outdoor and indoor plants that require no special care? I promise you will definitely be able to keep these plants alive and thriving!

The Best Undemanding Outdoor and Indoor Plants for Busy People



I adore succulents because of their juicy, fleshy leaves. They are well-adapted to grow indoors and tolerate bright light. You should know that these plants require watering several times a week.


There is no doubt that ficus trees are one of the most popular decorative indoor plants. They like bright sunlight and at the beginning when your plant is young, you should be careful with watering. During the winter your ficus tree will require watering once every 10 days, but don’t forget to water it regularly from spring to autumn.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Did you know that Mother-in-Law’s Tongue can grow even in a dry, dusty room? Well, it is true. Don’t worry if your home is not that bright because its sunlight requirement is very tolerant, too. This plant needs to be watered moderately in spring and summer.

The Best Undemanding Outdoor and Indoor Plants for Busy People, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue



Spathiphyllum is a great choice if you would like to decorate your poorly lit living spaces or even your office. Just water it regularly and it will become beautiful!



Impatiens like moisture, so don’t be afraid to mist the soil regularly. In this case, it is better to over-water than to not water at all. It’s very good to know that they are compact growers that do best in small containers. If you grow them in large ones, they won’t bloom.


I love how ivy can create such a mysterious atmosphere. Believe it or not, it is very easy to care for and grow indoors. You can grow this plant in both sunny and shaded areas.Water your ivy and your own secret garden will be ready soon!


These evergreen outdoor/indoor plants need a little soil, sunlight and some water to grow. My mom used to overwater my cacti so please do not make this mistake.
The young ones bloom very often, which is incredibly fascinating, but sometimes it takes about 3-4 years to recognize the first bloom.

The Best Undemanding Outdoor and Indoor Plants for Busy People, cacti



I think we can say that Chlorophytum can be found in almost every home. This plant tolerates any light conditions and can grow in almost any soil. Don’t worry if you forget to water your Chlorophytum, it won’t die immediately, just probably will have yellow leaves.

The Best Undemanding Outdoor and Indoor Plants for Busy People, Chlorophytum


If you would like to find the best place for your aspidistra, put it some distance from the window, but not in full shade. It might be a surprise for you that it blooms quite rarely in homes.


Did you know that this plant has healing properties? Yes, it is famous for its anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect as well. It’s an easy-to-grow plant that doesn’t require much attention. You can choose from a wide variety of colors in the flower shop.

Thank you for reading “The Best Undemanding Outdoor and Indoor Plants for Busy People”! I hope, you could find your favorite plant and I could give you some inspiration. Spring is coming!