Be the Most Charming Person in the World with 9 Easy Psychological Tricks


Have you ever wondered about how to become a more charming person? Of course, you probably have! Everyone wants to be successful, confident and live a happy life. The following psychological tricks will definitely change you. I am sure that these 9 simple ideas will make you think and you will soon become not just a charming person but a better one as well. 
The easiest way to find your brave and charming self is to first read the following tips and then you will immediately realize which skills you should improve upon. Jeff Haden, one of the most influential people on LinkedIn explained how you can easily create a positive image and gain the trust of everybody. 

Let’s puzzle out what these 9 characteristics are! 

1. Never be afraid to lose

Charming people can admit their mistakes and aren’t afraid of talking about their weakness. One of the most important thing is that they don’t try to win at everything. If your aim is to give more without expecting anything in return, you can become a better person, that is for sure.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Charming people dare to show real emotions and be open about them. What is more, saying  “I’m jealous of you,“ or ”I can’t do this, please teach me,” is absolutely okay. People appreciate if you tell the truth.


2. Show that you’re sincerely glad to meet someone

Everyone knows how important eye contact is. If you smile, they will smile as well. Eye contact helps you become successful, your audience or even friends will listen to you carefully and pay attention to you. You can find common ground with anyone after getting these feedbacks.

3. Always look for mutual understanding

Have you ever realized that many people unconsciously look for contradictions? It is such a sad fact, because disagreements often lead to disputes, conflicts and other kinds of problems. On the other hand, charismatic people always look for common ground with everybody.

Be the Most Charming Person in the World with 9 Simple Psychological Tricks


4. Use the power of touching

If you can touch people, they will understand your emotions better. Look at this simple example: How do you congratulate someone? What about patting this person on the shoulder or shaking hands? Of course, it depends on the situation, but never forget to express the right emotions. Just touch her/his soul, it’s easy.


5. Use facial expressions and gestures

Truly likable people express their emotions incredibly well while using gestures and facial expressions. Just imagine, a charming person can turn even the most boring story into a really good one. You will become a person who’s happier and enjoys even the little things in life. So what are you waiting for?   

Smile, laugh, cry and find yourself.  


6. Do not be afraid to look silly

I know it sounds a little bit weird, but sometimes it’s absolutely normal to be awkward. When you show your weakness and even look a bit silly, people will probably laugh with you and not at you. Don’t forget, everybody has bad days and clumsy moments.

7. Be good at asking questions

Being good at asking questions might sound a little bit more difficult. Don’t overcomplicate situations, just ask simple questions or try to find out what you are interested in a conservation. People will openly talk about themselves if you ask them. Sharing your own ideas, life experience or even advice is also important.

Be the Most Charming Person in the World with 9 Simple Psychological Tricks


8. Always remember names

If you have seen ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ movie, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) has probably fascinated you. I think we can declare, she is a really charismatic person. There is a part in the movie, when she attends a party, but of course, can’t remember everybody’s name. Her charming assistant (Anne Hathaway) helps Miranda. So yes, it’s true: If you always remember names, you can become a more charming person. People will only think positively of you.

9. Listen more and talk less

In our busy, hectic life, everything is so fast. Everybody wants to share their own news, but we rarely listen to each other and pay enough attention to our friends, family members or colleagues. You should learn to listen as well.

It is said that charming people love listening more than talking. 

To tell the truth, becoming a charming person is not everything. Be someone who can love, forgive, believe, smile, laugh, enjoy the little things in life and don’t be afraid of showing emotions. There is no doubt that life is sometimes harsh, you can’t always get what you want. Always remember: Just be yourself. 

If you follow these ideas, you will definitely become the most charming person in the world!