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There’s a saying that best friends are like four-leafed clovers, hard to find, but lucky to have! We have to agree with this quote because without our best friends, we wouldn’t be able to get through the hard times of our lives and we wouldn’t have anyone to share the best moments with either! It’s important to let your best friend know how much you love them and care for them! Sometimes giving them a small gift, showing that you thought about them will completely brighten up their day! We have collected 30 present ideas for your best friend, so if you’re thinking about expressing your love and gratitude towards them, don’t hesitate and find them the perfect gift!


1. Polaroid with a Quote – The Best Gift Ideas

Best friends deserve the best sorts of presents! Let your best friend know how much they mean to you. Create a picture which has a scrapbook feeling to it. Stick a polaroid on it of the two of you, a few stickers, write a quote, it’s really up to you how creative you’d like to get! Then stick this in a frame and present your friend with it! They will be able to put it up on their wall or bedside table!

2. Adorable Mugs – Great Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

There are so many ways you can lighten up your best friends day. How about gifting them a mug, which has a drawing of the two of you on the front of it? You can have a quote or one of your sayings written up on the back of the mug, just to make it even more personal!

3. Friends Inspired Board – Gifts for Friends

If you and your best friend grew up on Friends together, make sure you use the TV series’ logo as inspiration for the present! You can design and decorate a wooden board, with a picture of the two of you and a few supportive words. This would make a fantastic birthday gift for your best friend!

4. A Jigsaw of Keychains – Matching Gifts

Here’s a super cute idea, especially if you have a close-knit group of best friends. Get jigsaw keychains for everyone, making sure if they are all together, they fit perfectly with each other! You can have everyone’s names engraved in the pieces of the puzzle, this way everyone will have matching items!

5. A Scrap Book – Filled with Memories and Nostalgia

Scrapbooks are an awesome gift to give, no matter what the occasion is! It takes a long time, to put everything together in a scrapbook. Collecting pictures of fun times, gathering motivational quotes and sticking all sorts of decorative papers and stickers inside are just a few of the things you need to do to create a scrapbook! Even though it takes a long time to make, it’s completely worth it, because by the end of the process it will be a book of your friendship, a timeline of your relationship!

6. Snacks for Movie Night – For Any Occasion

If your best friend has had a bad day or is feeling a bit down under the weather, make sure you cheer them up! This can be with a simple gesture, taking some snacks over to their place and watching a movie together! Get all their favourite snacks, maybe include a few of your baked goods in there as well. By the end of the movie, your friend is guaranteed to be feeling a lot better!

7. Brighten Up Their Day – An Array of Snacks

If your best friend is having a bad day, make sure to bring a bit of sunshine into it! Arrange sweets and snacks, wrapped in gold or yellow paper, in a mason jar. You can attach a note to it, which reads “a little something to brighten your day.” Then all you need to do is give it to your friend! This will definitely put them in a better mood!

8. A Bath Bomb – For a Bit of Relaxation

Bath bombs make a great gift for anyone who seems to have stressful days! All they need to do is throw the bath bomb into a hot tub of water and the gates of relaxation have opened in front of them! You can tie a small tag around the bath bomb that reads “you’re the bomb!” This gift will be much appreciated by anyone who needs a bit of time to themselves!

9. A List of Reasons – Personal Presents for Your Best Friend

If you’re thinking about giving a sentimental gift to your best friend, you’ll love this idea! Cut out small slips of paper. The point is to write down reasons why you love your best friend, and why you’re grateful for their being in your life. Write up as many reasons as you’d like, then arrange them to make it look like a small booklet!

10. A Deck of Cards – With a Twist

Here’s another great idea for how to write up reasons why your best friend is your best friend! Use a deck of cards, writing short messages or things you’d like to say thanks for on each card. Then arrange these in a small booklet, so your friend will be able to flip through it easily!

11. A Real Treasure Box – Filled with Memories

A great gift idea is to present your best friend with a box filled with shared memories. You can string polaroids across the top of the box, and fill the inside with quotes, short messages or just some fond memories which you have shared over the years of your friendship. This is something your bestie will be sure to love!

12. Friends are Our Family – Presents for Your Best Friend

Friends are Our Family - Presents for Your Best Friend

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves! Write this in the middle of a frame, while you decorate the edges with pictures of the two of you! Your best friend will be able to put it up in her room and use it as a great source of decor.

13. A Happy Box – An Array of Gifts

If you can’t choose what to get your best friend for their birthday or Christmas, then why not get them an array of gifts? You can include their favourite chocolate or tea, a framed picture of the two of you, candles, their favourite perfume or a pot plant. This is a great idea if you’re not sure what to buy them exactly, but you still want to make them feel special!

14. A Beautiful Keychain – Gifts for Best Friends

Does your best friend always have trouble finding their keys? Get them a keychain to make it a bit easier for them! You can have a custom keychain made, a picture of the two of you on one side and a small message from you on the other side.

15. Matching Mugs – Adorable Present Ideas

If you love the idea of matching objects, why not create two mugs, one for each of you. You can have a small drawing of you painted on one of the mugs, a drawing of your best friend on the other of the mugs. If you put the two mugs next to each other, you can have something draw that links the two mugs together. Your best friend is guaranteed to love this!

16. An Alternative to an Album – Photos as Presents

Everyone loves looking back at old pictures and floating in a pool of nostalgia. It can be a great feeling, looking back at all the times you’ve spent together. Instead of placing all the photos in a standard album, create a disc of photos. Attach photos to an oval or circular shaped wooden board or cardboard. Just take the picture above as an example! This would make an amazing homemade birthday gift for your bestie!

17. Best Friends – Our Other Family

If you have a small group of best friends, who are always there for you whenever you need them, then this gift will be perfect for each and every one of them! Cut out small hearts out of paper, write down their names on each heart, then attach a ribbon to each heart and tie the ribbons together, symbolizing that each of you is tied to each other for a lifetime. You can place this in a frame, and write inside that “together we make a family.”

18. Stylish and Modern – Presents for Your Bestie

If you would like to gift photos to your bestie, make sure you do it in a stylish manner! Find a thicker tree branch, then string photos down from it. It will create a modern and trendy look in any room!

19. Matching Pullovers – Best Friends Forever

Make sure you and your bestie have matching pullovers at some point in your friendship! If it’s going to be your friend’s birthday or Christmas soon, this is a great gift idea! You can have a quote printed on both pullovers or a word which is linked to one of many memories, it’s really up to you!

20. Matchbox Advent Calendar – Christmas Gifts for Your Bestie

If Christmas is nearing, make sure you make your best friend a small advent calendar! You can use matchboxes, by writing up the number of the month on them and sticking them on cardboard. Then place small chocolates or treats in each box for them to find!

21. A Jar of Notes – Lovely and Personal Gift Ideas

A great idea is to write your friend a message for each day of the year. Colour code the notes, for example, messages on orange slips of paper can be shared memories, pink paper notes can be motivational quotes, etc. Your bestie can only take out one each day!

22. A Box of Polaroids – DIY Gifts for Your Best Friend

Here’s yet another great DIY present! Not only does it look great, but it’s super cheap to make! Use an old shoebox and cover it with paint. Cut small holes in both sides of the shoebox and string a wire across it. Then hang up a few polaroids of you and your bestie. They can use this as decor in their home and always be reminded of you!

23. A Miniature Gift – Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

If you don’t have time to create or buy a big present or make a grand gesture towards your best friend, here’s a great idea for you! Find a miniature jar or bottle, and place a picture inside of you and your best friend. Then you can write a small message as well that you also can place in the bottle.

24. An Eggcelent Idea – A Unique and Interesting Gift

If you love arts and crafts, you will love making this present! Place a message inside the egg after letting the yolk and egg whites pouring out slowly. You can achieve this all by simply making a small hole in the egg. What sort of message you’d like to send in this egg is completely up to you!

25. Notebooks and Stationary – Practical and Creative

If your best friend is always thinking, loves writing, not to mention needs a notebook to jot down their ideas, then here’s the perfect gift idea for them! Get them a few notebooks so they can live out their creativity!

26. A Description of a Friend – Best Friend Gift Ideas

Tell your friend how much they mean to you and express your gratitude towards them for always being by your side! What better way is there to tell them this, than with a framed description of friendship? Spell out “friends” and using each letter, find words or sentences to describe them with, just like in the picture above.

27. A Hidden Gift – Creative Wrapping Ideas

If you have a bundle of photos and messages you’d like to give to your best friend, remember to wrap it creatively! Design, cut out and stick together a cardboard photo camera, then slide the messages inside!

28. In Case of Emergency – Secret Stash

If your bestie loves chocolate, make sure you prepare a stash of it for them! Then put this in a frame and write a funny message on the glass part of it which reads “in case of emergency break glass!” Your friend will have to break the glass to get their chocolate!

29. Messages for Bad Times – Personal Present Ideas

Everyone has bad days when they’re feeling under the weather. Write your friend notes and letters for each of these days so they can get through them easier! For example, write one for when they have had a terrible day and one for when they can’t sleep. This is an awesome gift because it’s so personal and heart-warming!

30. A Box of Polaroids and Treats – Special Gifts for Friends

A Box of Polaroids and Treats - Special Gifts for Friends

A great gift idea for your best friend is with a box filled with shared memories and treats. You can string polaroids across the top of the box, and fill the inside with chocolate and candy! This is something they will be sure to love!


We hope we have been able to give you a few ideas on what to get your best friend for whatever the occasion is! After all, they definitely deserve the best! For more gift ideas, such as 60th birthday gift ideas, visit our website.