Bathroom Cleaning With Candles


 Removing the unnecessary dirt from grout on the tiles of your bathroom could be a real pain in the backside. Many of us have tried various methods but who would have thought that a simple solution like this could be our savior?

 There are so many ordinary tile cleaner substances that are marketed really well but when you use them you end up realizing that they won’t do a miracle. The method that we are about to show you now will be a bit different, though.


 Regular cleaning of your bathroom floor could keep it shiny and clean but what about the grout? First of all, by using candles you can actually increase the effectiveness because once applied, it will act as a water repellent.

 Simply press the bottom of the candle on the dirty grout in between the tiles and start rubbing in back and forth. When you do this focus on one area especially…


 The area that can be the dirtiest if you take a shower on a regular basis, and why wouldn’t you? The tiles that are close to the shower or taps could get extremely bad after a while because they come into contact with water every day.


 Amazingly, the wax creates a protective layer over the grout and if you repeat the process sometimes you will not have to worry about discolored grout lines anymore.

Watch the video of this successful method here!