22 life hacks, that will make your life much easier


What to do, when you spill red wine over your shirt: Gosh, that´s so simple! Why didn´t I know about that?!
22 life hacks, that will make your life much easier.
Magnetic stripes are mostly used for knives in your kitchen, but they can help you to keep things organized in your bathroom.

Is your make-up box a mess? Attach stick-on magnets to your products and arrange them on a magnet board.

Nothing is more annoying than tangled necklaces. A few small hooks attached to silverware organizers will tidy up your jewellery.

To store your purses, hang them up with shower curtain hooks.

Scarves are lovely, but they also love to fall off hangers. This can be easily avoided: simply tie the scarf to the hanger.

A hair straightener is perfect to iron delicate fabrics. No need to fear to damage your beautiful blouse!

Green stains on your fingers can be avoided by coating the inside of the rings with clear nail polish.

Which key is for which door? Save yourself some time by colouring your keys with different nail polishes.

One wrong move with a cup of red wine in your hand and your white blouse is ruined. This trick actually works wonders: pour white wine over the red mess. Do this directly after the catastrophe has happened, or else the stain stays!

If you feel like wearing boots, but your jeans isn´t tight, simply fold up the pants and wear socks over them.

Ballerinas are cute, but they can pinch your toes. Wear thick socks, put on your flats and blow dry the uncomfortable spot. Let the shoes cool off and repeat if necessary.

To remove gum, use an ice cube. The gum will get harder and easier to pull out of your hair.

Is your clothing fuzzy? Use a pumice stone.

Put your shoes in a shower cap, before you pack them in your suitcase.

No heating pad at hand? Put rice in the microwave and fill it in a sock.

Hot water will remove dried mascara from the brush.

Wine corks make stylish pin boards.

Trouser hangers are great to put up boots.

Your boots will maintain their form, if you put a piece of a pool noodle inside.

To get rid of smells, put a little sachet of baking powder in your shoes.

Many women are wearing the wrong bra size. Visit a department store and get help from a trained assistant to find the right size for you.

Tie your ponytail loosely and always at different spots. This will avoid split ends.