40 AWESOME DIY WEDDING INVITATION CARDS – A Collection of Handmade Wedding Invitations

40 AWESOME DIY WEDDING INVITATION CARDS – A Collection of Handmade Wedding Invitations

11. A Floral Invitation – Classic Wedding Invitations

When asking people about what pops into their mind when they hear the word “wedding”, decor and flowers will most definitely be amongst the answers. Flowers give any event an enchanted feeling, and at weddings, they are a necessity! So if you decide to give your classic wedding invitations a floral card, it will be no surprise.

12. A Laser Cut Invitation – An Exquisite Card for Your Guests

As mentioned before, a laser cut envelope is a beautiful and elegant way to send out invitations. Another great mode of using the laser cut technique is by using it on the invitation cards. It will look fabulous when opening the card. The front page of the invitation can be cut out with the laser technique, while the inside of the card can contain the details of the wedding. If you would like to make it even more gorgeous, you can tie a slip of paper around it, which has the initials of the betrothed couple written on it.


13. A One-paged Invitation – Simple DIY Wedding Invitation Cards

If you would like a simple, one-paged invitation without an envelope, but you still want all the magic that comes with a wedding invitation, then this is a great idea. Try adding a sparkly border to the card and instead of using an envelope, tie a ribbon or bow around it.

14. Simple, Natural and Elegant – Great Handmade Wedding Invitations

If you love Mother Nature, then a great idea for decorating your wedding invitations is with flowers that don’t wilt quickly. Lavenders are perfect for this. Flowers not only give a vintage and earthy vibe, but they are guaranteed to please your invited guests when they open the card and get a whiff of lavender. Cards like these make beautiful handmade wedding invitations.


15. A Combination of Green and Gold – A Bold Wedding Invitation

Design your wedding invitations by combining green with gold is a sophisticated and modern look. If you’re not a huge fan of pink, beige or pastel colours, you can bring a bold look to your wedding with these more natural and earthy colours. 

16. Black and Pastel – Personalised Wedding Invitations with a Twist

If you want your wedding invitation’s background colour to be a darker shade, then black combined with a lighter pastel is a divine choice. As you can notice on the picture above, you can create a unique dynamic by using the laser cut technique on the lighter coloured page. You can also try using the laser cut page as an envelope to make your elegant wedding invitations even more brilliant.


17. Leafy Patterns – Creative DIY Wedding Invitation Cards

If you would like to make your own, completely unique, handmade wedding invitations, here’s a great idea. Leaf printing is not only super easy, but it looks remarkable. Try using gold coloured paint, because no matter what the base colour of your invitation is, gold will only help it look even more elegant and beautiful.

18. Fan Invitation – Extraordinary Wedding Invitation Cards

A truly spectacular and original idea is throwing a paper fan inside the invitation. This will give your already elegant wedding invitation that “wow” factor. Just think about it, you’re opening up an invitation and a fan also opens up inside. This can make your card special and interesting. If you decide on this invitation idea try getting an envelope which has a pattern or colour that matches the fan’s


19. Glitters and Sparkles – A Fancy Wedding Invitation Idea

If you are planning a fancy and glittery wedding, then this is the perfect idea for you. A wedding invitation with shiny stones will reflect the atmosphere of your big day. It’s simple yet truly magical.

20. Simple Elegance – These Handmade Wedding Invitations Speak for Themselves

Not a huge fan of sparkles? Then maybe these simpler and sophisticated ideas will be to your liking. A monocoloured envelope and a refined invitation card will give your guests a feeling of simplicity mixed with elegance.


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