What to look for in a roofing contractor


Choosing the right roofing team for your home roofing project is a big decision to make. There are many skilled workers out there, but there are a lot of less-than-ideal candidates as well. Here is a simple guide to help you narrow down your search so that you can weed out the good guys from the scammers.

Insurance Comes First

If your contractor lacks liability insurance and worker’s compensation, you’ll want to find someone else to do the job. Anyone that does claim to have these things should be able to provide you with their certificates. You can also follow up on the logistics by calling the insurance carrier to verify that their credentials are up-to-date and are valid. The biggest reason you want your roofer to have liability insurance and worker’s compensation is so everyone is kept on the same page and is aware that this coverage protects a portion of the roofing cost and the roofer’s service. Some states may be more lenient regarding the licensing process and any related working restrictions, so look up the specifics for your area to see what the legalities are towards licensing and what roofers must be able to provide their customers. While you want to look out for licenses and certificates based on your area’s terms, please note that you do not need a formal education to become a roofer. You don’t need to be concerned about a roofer’s lack of education when considering potential roofing teams. Your best bet is to look at team portfolios to see how other roofing projects turned out.

Roofing Contractors and Referrals

The flyers and knocks on the door for neighborhood roofing contractors are not the ones you want to go with. It may seem convenient to find someone who is in your neighborhood. Still, you are more likely to feel secure in your decision by finding a roofer through a referral or your research with the background, coverage, and reputation to do your roofing work. Avoid anyone with the need to have you sign a letter of intent. These roofers are considered “storm chasers” and will tell you that you have storm damage to drive up the price.

Find Local Options

Look for companies that operate within your community or general area. Seeing that your roofer has an established business and reputation where you live will provide you with the reassurance that they can provide quality work. Another reason to choose local roofers is that warranties become obsolete when businesses move or close. If you find a local company, you’ll be able to do your research and determine how long they have been in business, as well as what other customers have had to say about their services. The more legitimate the company appears, the less likely you’ll need to worry about a fading warranty.

Be Careful with Price

If your roofing company has the certificates to back up their coverage, then the services’ price should not be low. You don’t need to go with the most expensive crew in town, but you do want to reject anyone willing to complete your project at a super low price. As with anything else, you ultimately get what you’re willing to pay for. Avoid cheap bids for the sheer fact that this might indicate that the roofer does not have proper coverage or does not have very much experience.

Find Someone to Spell it Out

Professional roofers should have no problem spelling out the job details on paper. You should be satisfied with the terms for service and payment periods, so getting all of this information in writing will help to ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them throughout the process. It would help if you also were given an accurate estimate of how long the job is scheduled to take, the size of the crew involved, and the number of hours per day that the team will be working on your project. You are hiring someone to do a job for you, so wanting all of these details is perfectly reasonable. If a roofer cannot provide you with this information or is hesitant to do so, you might consider choosing someone else to work with.

Communication is Key

Communication is essential to all businesses. The roofing company should actively return your phone calls and answer any questions you may have throughout the process. There should be minimal to no delays signing paperwork or responding to calls and texts if the roofers are serious about your project. Be vocal with the company representative if any issues arise and consider walking away if communication is too much of a problem. Poor communication reflects bad business, and this could extend to the quality of service you receive as well.

Look For Stamina

Experienced roofers are accustomed to working on their feet for hours at a time. If it seems like the crew you settled on is taking breaks more often than necessary, this may be a red flag that time delays will become an issue. Roofers are expected to endure harsh conditions, including intense heat and cold weather. They also have to carry building materials and tools back and forth like shingles and ladders. If your roofers lack the stamina to complete these tasks, they likely lack the experience or skills to prove you with the roofing service you are looking for.

The Main Takeaway

Ultimately, the roofers you hire should provide you with all of the details you need to feel competent in your decision to work with them. Finding roofers with positive, local reputations and referrals might be the easiest route to hiring a roofing company you’re happy with. Like any other business, you should stay away from excessive fine print and surprise costs. These occurrences are likely just scams to get you to pay more for lower-quality service. You need a roof over your head, so take your time finding the best of the best!