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23 Cute And Easy Designs To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

Live flowers or houseplants always add color to your surroundings and everyone adores this amazing feeling. Catch some inspiration and do floral compositions in more interesting ways! Here you can check out 23 cute and easy designs to decorate your home with flowers!

Decoration made of shells and pebbles

Containers and glass jars are an unusual but inexpensive alternative for flower vases. If you put some pebbles, sea shells, or fish bowl decorations in there, they will definitely become a small work of art. Let’s try it out on your own!

An original vase made of rubber boots

What about adding some sunshine to a rainy day? Just get yourself some bright tulips and put them in waterproof rubber boots! What’s more, other small houseplants will look nice in worn shoes.

A new life for an old watering pot

Bring an old watering pot or a pitcher back to life by planting flowers in there that match the color.

Miniature vases made of eggshells

A table composition made from flowers and eggshells looks really springy and fresh. You can also add green twigs, dried flowers, pebbles, or any other decorations you like.

Flowers instead of soup

If you have a long forgotten soup tureen, it’s time to put it to use. Using a soup tureen or a flat vase, you can make a very posh bouquet that will brighten your house on special days.

A collection of vases made from old bottles

Here is another great idea if you want to decorate your interior but don’t have enough time. First of all, start with something simple! Single flowers in tall soda or wine bottle draw attention to themselves and fit almost any surrounding.

A flower shelf made out of a wooden box

Making a wooden tray or boy into a hanging shelf is not that difficult to do. If you like Provence-style kitchens, don’t miss the following idea!

23 Cute And Easy Designs To Decorate Your Home With Flowers