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18 Superb Ideas How To Create Gorgeous DIY Flower Vases

We love flowers for their pleasing aromas, pretty colors, and shapes. What’s more, they are part of our garden, we decorate our home with them and they are important parts of special occasions in our lives. So we need some gorgeous flower vases where we can keep these beauties. Let’s discover 18 superb DIY vase ideas!

Ombre vase

If you would like to have a vase that has multiple changing colors that form an ombre effect, you have found the perfect project! Just click here for instructions.

Marbleized vase

There is no doubt that a beautiful marble-like vase will add style to any interior. Here is a tutorial.

Charming vase

This charming little vase will definitely attract any woman’s attention. The best thing is that this vase is very easy to make! So what are you waiting for?

Knitted vase

This vase is both pretty to look at and pleasant to touch so don’t miss it! Learn more about the details here.

New life for an old sweater

What about covering bottles with old sweaters to make pretty and cozy containers?

Vase/candle holder

Using a very simple technique, you will be able to create a superb dual-functional item: a flower vase + candle holder.

 18 Superb Ideas How To Create Gorgeous DIY Flower Vases
Stone vase

If you would like to turn your Pringles into a beautiful vase, don’t throw it away!

Vintage vase

Do you like vintage things and DIY crafts? Then discover  how to transform unwanted jars into elegant vases.

Metal vases

Metal vases like these ones look stylish and chic.

Bright colors

If you like drinking yogurt, use an empty yogurt bottle to create a stunning vase!

Fisherman’s vase

Wrap empty glass jars with a fishnet to add a touch of the sea to your interior. Click here to learn how!

Pastel vase

If you prefer subtle shades then a vase like this is absolutely for you!

 18 Superb Ideas How To Create Gorgeous DIY Flower Vases
Rope vase

Why not use that piece of rope that’s tucked away in your boxroom when it comes to decorating a vase?

Brick vase

This stylish «brick» vase will look great in both city and country apartments.


Wood vase

Turn on your imagination and make a unique and creative vase out of an ordinary glass jar. Click here to learn how.

Sparkling vase

Use glitter to create this stylish vase. See how it can be done here.

Golden vase

Check out this technique how to give new life to your old kitchen utensils.

Hanging vase

Braided vases can be easily transformed into mobiles. Click here for details.

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