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12 Inventive Ways To Make Your Own Unique Picture Frames

There is no doubt that a handmade photo frame is not just a great gift for your friends, but beautiful decoration as well. Here you can come across 12 inventive ways to make your own unique picture frames at home. Be creative and put some imagination to it!

A gorgeous wrapping paper design

As you can see, with the help of wrapping paper and whatever you have handy you can create an awesome frame. Check out the tutorial here and don’t hesitate to make this gorgeous project!

unique picture frames
Nature gives

“A photo frame made of twigs and moss will not only remind you of memorable events, but may also become a pretty decoration in itself.”
Click here to learn more about the tutorial.

Button decorations

It is said that every household has lots of excess buttons lying around somewhere, so collect them and use them in making decorations. Here you can find some interesting ideas on this topic.

Decorative duct tape

The following idea is simply awesome because it can be done in a few minutes and can liven up your apartment quite a bit!. Here you can find a step-by-step guide.

12 Inventive Ways To Make Your Own Unique Picture Frames

Newspapers and magazines

Do not throw away your old magazines because they can be made into a pretty and unique picture frame — see here for details.

 What’s more, quilling is also a fascinating technique when it comes to making frames. Find out how to use it here.
Getting that rustic effect

This frame is made of rough and tough branches. It looks great! Discover the guide here.

A soft cloth frame

What about sewing your own soft and cozy little frame like this? The detailed tutorial  can be found here.

 12 Inventive Ways To Make Your Own Unique Picture Frames
A spring-time frame

Let’s take a simple frame and transform it into a piece of art by adding a couple of artificial flowers.

Detailed instructions are here.

A picture frame made from a window frame

Here you can learn more about how to remake your old window frame into a cool frame for photos.

A canvas base

Make your own pretty frame after checking the steps here.

An eco-friendly frame made of grains and cereals

Chick-peas, lentil or other grains will serve as a great decoration for your picture frame, too!  You can also make a fragrant frame with the help of coffee beans and cinnamon.

Click here to discover the instructions.

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