11 Brilliant and Spooky Halloween Nail Art Designs To Try This Halloween

11 Brilliant and Spooky Halloween Nail Art Designs To Try This Halloween


If you’re feeling adventurous, and you’re not afraid to scare your friends, consider using the following nail art

Integrate a bloody, gory and gutsy look this Torn-Up Nail Art Design this Halloween! This might be the perfect choice for you, if you plan to go with something scary-looking, that will horrify anyone that looks at your fingertips. You will need a fake nail, dark red and purple lipstick, eyelash glue and food coloring. But you can substitute the last one with polish instead.

Torn-Up Nail - Halloween Nail Art

The best motifs definitely have to be the skeletons and skulls. These delicate Skulls designs on this youthful and cute design make it quite eye-catching and worthy of your time. The black on white colors also suit for most costumes and stand out even in darkness.

Skull Nails - Halloween Nail Art

If you don’t like making a mess of your nails, this Pumpkin Halloween nail art will probably fit your tastes. Make unique Jack-o-Lanterns on your fingertips to help you get into the Halloween-y mood! All you need is an orange base and green and black striper and you’re all set. Make yourself more enchanting with this amazing nail art!

Pumpkin Nails - Halloween Nail Art
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