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10 Awesome DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas To Rock Any Party You Attend

Halloween is the best time of year to embrace your inner edginess and bring out the most from your nails. Unlike other holidays where you have to be tame, such as Christmas or Easter, Halloween is made for going all-out. The point of this holiday is to transform into something you’re not, something dark and spooky. That’s why I love Halloween! The best thing is that they’re all easy, DIY Halloween nail art designs that you can make yourself.

Whether you’re counting down the days with a set goal in mind or waiting for the last moment, we’ve got you covered!

You don’t even need to wait until the end of the month to start rocking some of these designs. Taking care of your nails is important, but save money where you can. Doesn’t mean you have to make compromises.

10 Awesome DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas To Rock Any Party You Attend - DIYDecorCrafts

First of all, these Stitched Up Nails go well with a flashy outfit and vibrant colors. Just take three of your favorite nail polish colors, and get to stitching! You should choose something appropriate for the season, like orange and purple. Just apply a base, the three chosen colors and “stitch” them together with a nail art brush. Get creative, switch up the colors on each nail or switch up some of the colors!

Stitched Up Nails - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

French manicure will always be in style, and this year won’t be any different. And with a little twist, we can make the classic look into a Black Cat. If you’d like to make this right now, just apply a clear base and create two triangle shapes on the side with black polish. Then create a half moon shape between the triangles and fill it in. Let them dry, and for the eyes just paint two white dots. Then to finish it, just paint a thin black line in the center, and you’re all set! Wear it with a witch or black dress, or even a cat outfit!

Black Cat - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

If you have the patience and necessary tools, try this amazing 3D DIY Halloween nail art!

Now, there have been a couple things I would’ve loved to try out myself and never had the chance (unfortunately) but 3D nails aren’t one of them! If you are going with a haunted costume, the Trapped Ghoul is an amazing choice. Use foil gel to build the hands or face of the ghoul first. Then, just apply the rubbing alcohol and topcoat to “trap” the ghoul.

3D Ghost - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

The Glowing Jack-o’-Lanterns are easily recognizable, it’s the most famous symbol of the season. Do you know how to carve a pumpkin? Thankfully, you don’t have to make a mess of your porch to make this masterpiece! Just apply a white base coat, followed up by two coats of glow-in-the-dark orange nail polish. Next, create the spooky faces with black nail polish, fill the rest of your nail with it, so only the face comes out. Finish things up with a topcoat.