Halloween Makeup Design That Will Blow Everyone Away


Halloween is a well-loved time of year all across the globe, and you shouldn’t miss out on all the fun. But with fun comes a lot of stress, especially when it comes to costumes and makeup. It can also be very expensive or may put you out of your comfort zone. That’s why I think that makeup is a great way to go! It’s not as expensive, you have a lot of options, and social media can give you a lot of ideas. It can also be better than having a generic costume, and you can pair it with clothes and accessories you like. If you want to find what works best for you, keep on reading Halloween Makeup Design That Will Blow Everyone Away.

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To start things off simply, here’s a nice Cobweb design. Cobwebs and especially spiders are a great theme of Halloween. Whether you want to be a witch or someone possessed, or even a spider queen, it’s a good choice. Circle your eyes with an eyeliner. Then just pick your favorite dark eyeliner and draw four straight lines next to your eyes. Connect them using smaller lines running across horizontally. This will create a texture resembling a web. Now all that’s left is to finish things with a spider and fill your brows.

Cobweb - Halloween Makeup Design

Scarecrows have a certain element of spook.

To replicate this scary Halloween makeup design, all you have to do is draw lines on both sides of your face towards your ears, then just add stitches for maximum effect. Make your nose orange with a blush powder. Then fill your brows and outline your eyes. For a costume, just choose an old plaid hoodie and jeans.

Scarecrow - Halloween Makeup Design

Clowns are the fear and nightmares of many people. That’s why it’s an easy way to cause a fright. :) You will need an eyeliner to draw the triangle above and below your eyes. Add a circle accent at the tip of the triangles, and just finish things off with a dark lip and a gem design on your nose. You can also fill your brows and use color lenses.

Clown - Halloween Makeup Design

Having a Cute Cat as your chosen costume Halloween makeup design will make you look fierce and sexy. Many people consider it the most well-known and beloved design for Halloween. You will need an eyeliner to create the flick on the eyes, a black circle on the tip of your nose and some accents around your mouth. Add some white around the mouth to make it look more realistic, and an upward flick to make you more cat-like. Go get ’em!

Cute Cat - Halloween Makeup Design

Pop Art Makeup has become a big favorite for Halloween.

It’s a tad bit more complicated, but should be still doable. Start by outlining your face and jaw, creating lines on your cheekbone and your lip. Furthermore, you could also add tears under your eyes or colored dots. The rule is to get creative and have fun! I’ll include the Halloween makeup design that this was inspired by, and a couple of my favorites so you can choose freely!

Pop Art Basic - Halloween Makeup Design
Pop Art Dots - Halloween Makeup Design
Pop Art Tears - Halloween Makeup Design
Pop Art Artsy - Halloween Makeup Design

If you want another well-loved Halloween makeup design, look no further than the Classic Skeleton! Start with a white base and follow it up with black circles around the eyes. Just draw a black line across the mouth and add teeth for full effect. Also, if you have amazing hand tattoos like in the picture, it adds a lot to this particular design, but you can also add fake tattoos or symbols with makeup. Get creative! :)

Classic Skeleton - Halloween Makeup Design

Not every Halloween makeup design has to be scary, take this Fairy an example!

Just take this amazing costume as proof of that! You’ll need a green base, white dots around your nose, an outlined mouth and eyes and some white dots scattered around. Sprinkle in some accessories and a nice matching top, and you’ll be the best this Halloween!

Fairy - Halloween Makeup Design

You can take inspiration from the dark side in Cinderella! The Evil Queen is definitely a captivating Halloween makeup design! As before, apply a green base, outline your eyes and fill your brows with pink. Get a pink wig and pink lipstick and you’re set! For the apple, get a normal apple, you don’t have to worry about the green accent. It isn’t visible in the movie after it’s been soaked. Just refrain from eating it. :)

Evil Queen - Halloween Makeup Design

This Two-faced Skeleton just blows my mind. You can apply a nice makeup on your face, and draw the evil face on your palm. Also, this particular design might be a tough one, so if you can ask a friend who can draw it while you hold your hand on your face. Don’t overdo the makeup on your face, else it might interfere with the design. Good luck!

Hand Skeleton - Halloween Makeup Design

If you’re worried about doing any Halloween makeup design, you have nothing to fear! You can achieve great results with just a few spots of blood, a scary look, color lenses or ready-made grazes. What’s more, you don’t need to follow all the rules, especially on the night of horrors! Just take inspiration from this amazing Fortune Teller design!

Fortune Teller - Halloween Makeup Design

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