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10 Amazing and Impressive DIY Unicorn Ideas

Do you like unicorns and handmade crafts? Well, then this is just the place for you! I’ve compiled a list of 10 Amazing and Impressive DIY Unicorn Ideas you can make at home right now!

10 Amazing and Impressive DIY Unicorn Ideas - DIYDecorCrafts

1. Unicorn Planter
This crafty idea’s awesomeness lies in its simplicity! You only need a pot, a marker, paint and paper!

10 Amazing and Impressive DIY Unicorn Ideas, Unicorn Planter



2. No-Sew Unicorn Sleeping Masks
This is my favorite item on this list! I made one for my niece, and she absolutely loved it!

Unicorn Sleeping Mask - DIY Unicorn



3. Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs
This is a funny gift you can give your friends, or surprise yourself with!

Unicorn Poop - DIY Unicorn



4. Unicorn Milkshake
Try this amazing unicorn-themed milkshake!

Unicorn Milkshake - DIY Unicorn



5. Miniature Unicorn Piñata
Look at this cute piñata! Fill it with love and put it on display!

Unicorn Pinata - DIY Unicorn



6. Halloween Unicorn Pumpkins
Halloween is only a month away, why not make a funny unicorn-themed pumpkin?

Unicorn Pumpkin - DIY Unicorn



7. Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils
This is probably the easiest one to make on this list, but the most rewarding as well! The kids will want to help out without question!

Kitchen Spoon - DIY Unicorn



8. Unicorn Silhouettes
These are perfect for decorating your wall, mugs, glasses, or anything you can think of!

Unicorn Silhouette - DIY Unicorn



9. Unicorn Mason Jars
These mason jars will make for an amazing pencil holders or any type of artistic item holders!

Unicorn Mason Jar - DIY Unicorn



10. Unicorn Bath Bomb
Let’s end this list with another awesome bath bomb! It will leave your skin nice and smooth, and your mood nice and relaxed in the bath!

Unicorn Bath Bomb - DIY Unicorn




I hope you liked our article: 10 Amazing and Impressive DIY Unicorn Ideas! I hope you found something to your liking!

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