10 Awesome DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas To Rock Any Party You Attend

10 Awesome DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas To Rock Any Party You Attend


Jack-o'-Lanterns - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Creating Frankenstein on your fingertips isn’t as hard as you might think. On the contrary, drawing his frazzled hair and stitches is quite simple. Go layer by layer, starting things off by a base coat and the green polish after. Then make the hair with black nail polish, eyes with a dotting tool and stitches with the same method as the last Halloween nail art.

Frankenstein - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

What would Halloween be without spider motifs? I don’t know either. To weave the Spider Webs on your fingertips, grab a chic black and white nail polish. Just keep a steady hand and start drawing the webs, unless you want to make it scary in a bad way. No, really, if you can’t keep a steady hand, ask someone to do this one for you.

Spider Web - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Talking about usual and traditional symbols, you can’t forget Vampires! Start with a black polish base. Now, wait until it dries, and use a glittery red nail polish on your tips. For the dripping blood look, pour a little of the red polish on a paper towel and finish the job with a dotting tool or a bobby pin. Wait, until it dries and finish it with a topcoat.

Vampire - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

One of the best DIY Halloween nail art is the Black Widow. Being a black widow is two parts sexy and one part badass. Imagine yourself in the costume paired with this glamorous dark-themed, red spider web-coated nail design! Yeah, it’s hard to overshadow this design.

Black Widow - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

To get it done, you will need a deep red base coat. Once dry, make the webs by crisscrossing nail tape over your fingertips to get the design you want. Paint over the tape with a black nail polish.

For the spider’s body, use the same tape method as previously mentioned. Next, paint around the edges with the same black nail polish, and finish with a topcoat. You’re set!

In a previous post, I have tackled a witch design, but there are quite a few out there. This DIY Halloween nail art Witch symbolism might be the thing for you! It’s quite time-consuming to get the different symbols done, but it’s rewarding! Just use a black base with white nail polish and topcoat, because it’s really rewarding.

Evil Witch - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

If you find 3D nails and overcomplicated designs too advanced, try these DIY Halloween Nail Art Ghosts! Therefore, they are perfect if you’re just looking for something simple, or you’re new to nail art. And it’s not even a problem if you miss a few lines, it won’t be easily noticed. Extra points if you use glow-in-the-dark polish!

Ghosts - DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas
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