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The Best Easy-To-Make And Fun-Filled Outdoor Party Games For The Family

Those sunny warm days definitely call for some outdoor fun with the friends and family, do you agree with me? But these parties can’t be complete without some cool outdoor party games. Check out 12 awesome ideas and build your DIY game setups at home! They are inexpensive, effortless to achieve and will delight young and old as well. 

Bubble Party : Human Bubble

It is said that bubbles are something that can take the kids to a little fairyland of their own. What about bringing a huge smile on their lips by making them stand inside an actual bubble?

Game Details : onecharmingparty

DIY Backyard Ker-Plunk Game

The supplies you need are some wooden boards, some screws, a drill, spray paint, wire netting, 18-gauge wire, wire cutters, some bamboo garden stakes, staple gun and staples, and ball pit balls. You can find the instructions below.

Game Details : allparenting

Backyard Jenga Tutorial

Are you planning to organize a family picnic and want something to keep the kids happy? Let them build a little tower made out of wooden blocks and have fun knocking it down!

Game Details : hollilong

DIY – Outdoor Twister

Invite some friends over and get it all twisting and turning!
Game Details : justusgirlsblog

 The Best Easy-To-Make And Fun-Filled Outdoor Party Games For The Family
Recycled Bottle Bowling

It’s time to have endless bowling hours with your friends and family in your own backyard. Grab some empty plastic bottles, red and white paint, a tennis ball, and some paintbrushes to bring your DIY game to life.

Game Details : moonfrye

How to Make a Kubb Game Set

Blend the charms of chess and bowling together in one single game that will surely make you fall in love with your lawn.

Are you ready to start it?
Game Details : homedepot

DIY Outdoor Giant Dice Game

If you love easy but creative outdoor party games, then this idea is for you! Don’t forget, the game of chance won’t get over until the last dice have been tossed.

Game Details : diyshowoff

Pickup Bottle Game

Do you have a small space but want to arrange for a mini playground for the kids? Check out how the game is played!

Game Details : bhg

 The Best Easy-To-Make And Fun-Filled Outdoor Party Games For The Family
Easy DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

Simply lay out a large sheet of red Kraft paper on your lawn, spray painting the tops with your favourite colours, followed by painting the numbers on them using a foam brush and some latex paint.

Game Details : happinessishomemade

Whip Up a Ring Toss Game with The Kids

Just aim the rings at the neck of the bottles, and win lovely rewards for every perfect toss.

Game Details : womansday

DIY Water Blob Tutorial

If the weather is hot, don’t miss this fantastic game! Your kids will adore playing with it, so let’s discover the following tutorial step by step!

Game Details : clumsycrafter

Mud Run Birthday Party

Welcome some mud, dirt and obstacles open heartedly. What a great twist for those who love the thrill of earthy adventures!

Game Details : ashleyannphotography

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