Sexy and Sensual Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women


Halloween makeup can be a lot of fun. You have plenty of room to create a sexy, evil or charming look for yourself. Halloween makeup ideas range from horror to fun, movie characters and thousands more. And you will leave the best impression if you do a creative makeup, and not just buy a stock costume. Obviously, you can add accessories that go well with your chosen costume or looks, but you have to start with a strong foundation. Enjoy these Sexy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women!

Sexy and Sensual Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women - DIYDecorCrafts

Cat costumes are popular every year, it has a seductive and sexy look. But if you want to switch things up and aim for a shy or cheerful look, that’s OK. Pretty much all you have to do is get cat ears, a black top and black thighs.

Cat - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Another Halloween makeup idea rising in popularity is the Sugar Skull.

There are plenty to choose from, so I’ll include three of my favorites.

The Voodo Sugar Skull is probably my favorite. Heart symbols on the face, highlighting the mouth and face perfectly.

Voodo Skull - Halloween Makeup Ideas

The Stylistic Sugar Skull goes a step further and makes your mouth more visible and wider.

Stylistic Sugar Skull - Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you want to mix those two together, try the Highlighted Sugar Skull! Changes the structural appearance of your face. Just make sure and try to be as symmetric as possible.

Highlighted Sugar Skull - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Do you want to present yourself as both fierce and sexy? You can’t go wrong with the Werewolf makeup. The facial part of the Halloween makeup isn’t too hard, the part that might give you trouble is the claw mark. You can skip it, or try something similar, either way, you’ll drive the people around you wild with those color contacts.

Werewolf - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Be the female role model that’s been in the spotlight for years: Wonder Woman! Not only is she powerful, iconic and popular, but extremely sexy. She still has the spotlight since the last blockbuster movie.

Wonder Woman - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Fortune Tellers are both mystical, exciting and sexy.

Dark colors change the retro design a more modern look.

Fortune Teller - Halloween Makeup Ideas

There are a lot of skull Halloween makeup ideas to choose from, and the Half-Skull is one of the best amongst them. Split between feminine beauty and undead, you can have both.

Half-Skull - Halloween Makeup Ideas

You don’t have to buy a mask to be Spiderwoman this year. Superheroes are trendy and sexy, why shouldn’t you?

Spiderwoman - Halloween Makeup Ideas

The Fairy Leopard look will bring out your primal beauty and sensual side. Don’t let it go to waste!

Fairy Leopard - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Dressing up as Elsa has been popular with kids, but did you know that you can make it extremely sexy? Just apply a blue base, fill your brows and draw the icy lines with a blue and white eye pencil.

Elsa - Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you want to go for a harder, a more serious makeup, the Cleopatra look is for you. It will take some time to make, and you will need some accessories, but it’s worth it. She is very sexy and will charm anyone. One of the best ones of the Halloween makeup ideas for sure.

Cleopatra - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Do you like Social Media?

Who doesn’t! First, draw the icon around your eyes. Then just apply gray body paint and finish the job. You can also wear color contacts to make it more realistic.

Social Media Eye - Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you feel chic, make the 3D Face Halloween makeup! It’ll capture anyone’s attention (and heart!) Just apply a dark shade around the spots you want to enhance. Next, fill your brows with two different colors. Draw every spot with your face twice with a blue and red eye pencil.

3D Makeup - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Another Stylistic Half-Skull Halloween makeup idea! This time it isn’t perfect symmetric, blend both parts of your face with human and skull wherever applicable. You can also use colored contacts to make the difference more visible. Just wear a black and white top and you’re set!

Half-Skull- Halloween Makeup Ideas

Capture your mysterious side with this Skull Candy Halloween makeup idea! It brings out your dark side and makes you captivating and flirty.

Skull Candy - Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you have a partner, have them dress up as Frankenstein, and you like Frankenstein’s Bride! It’s super sexy and gory, perfect for any Halloween party! Of course, you don’t need a partner to rock this sensual look. You can also go for a more brutal version, but I suggest this more elegant, simplistic look.

Frankenstein's Bride - Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Know that having a good makeup can outshine any outfit, but never forget your nails! They are as vital as ever, and choosing something matching will make you ten times as attractive!
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