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How To Turn Old Kitchen Utensils Into Stylish Home Items

One day your old kitchen utensils can come handy so while you are cleaning out your drawers, wardrobes and shelves, don’t throw away all the stuff. Let’s reuse them for another purpose! Check out a list of creative ideas that will give you some inspiration in finding new uses for old cutlery and crockery!

A lamp

Let’s transform an old kitchen colander into a cool lamp shade! Just fire up your imagination and start creating! Detailed instructions can be found here.

’Smart’ holders

This unusual holder can be used for storing and hanging almost any small item. It will also add a touch of style to your room. Click here for details.

Tiny flower pots

Make tiny flower pots to adorn your interior space!

As you can see, grills are adorable when planted with herbs. Click here for detailed information.

 How To Turn Old Kitchen Utensils Into Stylish Home Items
Pin cushions

If you would like to keep your sewing machine needles and other small items organized, make pretty doodad pin cushions out of old, small jars. Click here for instructions.

A chandelier

Believe it or not, using just spoons and forks, you can create a wonderful Gothic chandelier.



Wall lights

Make a unique lampshade using an unused teacup, and it will definitely be a talking point in your kitchen.


Would you like to have an unusual design idea that will look stunning in your kitchen? Grab some old metal forks and make unique wall hooks out of them! Use a hammer and some pliers, and don’t forget to drill a pilot hole for the screw.

 How To Turn Old Kitchen Utensils Into Stylish Home Items
A teapot lamp

Are you a creative and organized person? What about creating a striking and original teapot lamp like this? Click here to get even more ideas.

Decorations for a romantic dinner

Simply insert some fairy light into a bottle with the plug hanging out the top and voila, your unique decoration is ready. What’s more, here you can get even more inspiration.



A table lamp

A table lamp like this will definitely help bring more warmth and comfort to your room. Try it out and you will realize why!

The base for a floor lamp

Just drill holes on the bottom sides of each cup, combine them using a glue or adhesive, and put the lamp on top.

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