How to Mitigate Dust in your Spray Paint Booth



A spray paint booth should allow you to complete paint jobs to perfection, however, it may be that you’re finding bits of dust and dirt preventing a flawless finish. Fortunately, there are measures you can put in place to mitigate against dust in your spray paint booth and ensure a high-quality spray every time.

1, Stop the dust and dirt coming in

A huge amount of dirt that comes into the spray paint booth comes from the shoes of those going in or debris from the wheels of any equipment being used. There is also dust that is created which is harder to see – such as that from ourselves (like skin and hair), and it can also be created through the movement of equipment in the room. This can all congregate to create larger dirt particles that find their way onto your smoothly painted surface.

This can be mitigated against with some easy to install measures. Provide shoe covers to all staff and other personal protective equipment which can form a barrier to prevent dust and dirt escaping. It’s also a good idea to try and reduce traffic in and out of the spray paint booth to reduce the arrival of dust and dirt even more.

2, Prevent the dust from whirling around

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent all dust and dirt from entering the spray booth. However, you can invest in some materials to ensure that whatever dust there is in the atmosphere doesn’t settle on the paint job. Applying a static solution to the floor of your spray booth and to preparation areas means that any debris in the air adheres to this rather than the items you’re painting.

3, Think about workwear

Paint can be easily contaminated and what you wear will impact on the number of fibers that are unearthed. These fibers can also come from wipes that are used to clean equipment. It is worth investing in low lint workwear to reduce another risk factor in the contamination of your paintwork. It is also possible to purchase low lint gloves and wipes for any technical cleaning you need to do. This will help keep the dust in your spray paint booth to a minimum. Always ensure that you keep your workwear for the paint booth in a clean area when not in use.

4, Install an effective filtration system

Another good way of controlling the amount of dust in your spray paint booth is to install a filtration system with material that is designed to attract airborne particles. This won’t cost the earth and will have immediate effects. Consider trying tacky mesh, arrestor extract filter, secondary filter, or a concertina filter.

5, Keep the paint booth for painting

While space may be at a premium it is still essential that your spray paint booth is used solely for the use of painting. Any other activities such as sanding or assembly should be done elsewhere to avoid contamination when spray painting.

6, Keep the doors closed and sealed

Make sure that you enforce the rule that the doors of your spray paint booth must remain shut unless someone is entering or leaving. Opening the doors frequently, or leaving them open, will enable excess dust enters your paint booth. You can also add additional sealant to doors and any windows in the paint booth to reduce the risk of dust entering via this means.

Ensuring your spray paint booth remains dust and dirt free is not as hard as you might think. With some simple and relatively cheap alterations to your working practices, you can be confident that your paint jobs are completed to perfection from now on.