Surprisingly Easy Workout Ideas You Can Do At Home Without Instruments


Did you know that there are surprisingly easy workout ideas out there that can change your life? Losing weight isn’t just about eating less, moving more or limiting yourself completely. You have to make changes in your life if you have some unwanted pounds (obviously) but they don’t have to be so big you don’t even know your life anymore. There are a few rules you have to follow.

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Be consistent

This is probably the most important in all: consistency. If you have extra pounds, that’s probably because you’ve been accustomed to bad habits. This can be eating late, whenever you get hungry, or not doing much exercise. These things do add up, and if you want them gone, you have to change in some parts of your life. Be dedicated to it, you didn’t gain any weight overnight, you got them over time. You have to lose them over time as well.

Consistency - Home Workout

Don’t skip breakfast

It’s very important to be consistent with your meals. You can have a meal plan (like the one we have here) or just eat moderately. My daily meals look like this: I wake up at 6:30, I make a black coffee (with ½ tsp sugar) and a slice of Ezekiel bread. Then at around 10 o’clock I eat a snack, usually an apple or whatever I have on me. For lunch I usually eat something I made the previous night, or two nights ago (stocking up is important). And for dinner I eat yogurt or something light. I used to eat every time I got hungry, but that had to change. I’ve been sticking to this for years now, but the change didn’t happen overnight, and I’m not saying this lifestyle would work for everyone.

Breakfast - Home Workout

Drink plenty of water

Did you know that you can lose more weight by simply drinking water? That’s because your body needs it, and the feeling of thirst can sometimes be confused with hunger. So if you get hungry during the day, drink a glass of water. I lived in Arizona for a few years, and it’s pretty much mandatory to drink water there. That’s where I picked up the habit of drinking whenever I get hungry off-schedule.

Drink Water - Home Workout

Use smaller bowls and eat slower

Another great tip is to buy smaller bowls. You need to do less dishes, as well as making your body accustomed to eating less. Have you ever been to a restaurant, and when the waiter brought you the food you saw how big the portion is? It probably made you wonder: wow, I can’t eat all of this! And if you did, then you are like me. I used to eat a lot, and the advice I got from a friend of mine was to buy smaller dishes. It sounded silly, but it actually worked.

Eat Slower - Home Workout

Stock up on food, not junk food

Yes, having a snack after a long day at work can be very tempting, and usually is. And you will eat what you have at home, so you have to plan and stock up the food you want to eat. If you want to go on a diet, you can’t also buy potato chips and sodas, it will be too hard to resist. I know, because I’ve been on many diets in my life, and only a few worked.

Stock Up - Home Workout

Now with these out of the way, let’s jump right into the workout tips. You may be wondering why I took so much to write about eating better and habits for so long when the title says it’s a workout plan, and you are right to think that. But you have to understand that you need to change other habits that led you here. And again, I’m not talking about monumental changes that you need to lift weights 30 minutes a day, run three miles and only eat 1000 calories a day. That’s a different story. These are simple workout ideas that have long-lasting effects if coupled with a few changes.


Yes, you might be frowning your brows reading this, but hear me out. Because I’m not talking about the usual “walk from your home to the car”, I’m talking about power walking at home. It’s a great way to pick up your energy and get your blood flowing. Pick up your feet, drive your elbows back and forth in mid to high pace for 15 minutes. You can do something while doing this, whatever works for you best. For me it’s watching my favorite show in my living room. You could switch to maximum pace near the end, it’s rewarding and burns calories.

Power Walking - Home Workout

Cardio exercises

This includes running, walking, cycling, swimming, or jumping rope. Cardio exercises strengthen muscles involved in respiration and boost lung function. It also increases circulation across the body, as well as strengthening heart muscles. Aside positive effects on your body, it also helps mentally. Studies show that cardio exercises increase self-esteem, reduce stress and tension, and increase mental well-being. It’s an all-around good exercise, like power walking. Just go out for an hour on you bicycle, or buy a stationary bicycle.

Cardio Exercises - Home Workout

Simple workout plan

I saved the easiest one for last. This is a set of simple workout exercises that work wonders. Just repeat the following (after warm up) exercises. 20 squats, 10 pushups, 2 minute power walking, 10 dumbbell rows each hand, 15 second plank. That’s 1 rep. Do up to 3 reps with 25 seconds of rest. It isn’t the hardest one to accomplish, but it’s one that will definitely keep your blood pumping.

Workout Plan - Home Workout

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