5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cold Air


Being greeted by hot air when you open the door to your home after a long day is one of the worst scenarios imaginable, yet one so many people experience when the air conditioner fails. It happens on the hottest day of summer, so it seems, leaving the entire household sweltering in the heat. Why is the air conditioning blowing hot air seemingly out of nowhere? There are many possible causes. We’ll look at a few of the most common.

1- Check the Thermostat

Before declaring your HVAC unit shot or calling out a professional, make sure the thermostat is properly set. It seems simple, but many people accidentally turn the thermostat and change the setting from ‘cool’ to ‘heat’ or from ‘auto’ to ‘on.’.’ When turned to the ‘on’ position, the unit blows air even when the system isn’t running. The air usually feels warm. This simple fix takes seconds and doesn’t require professional help. Just change the thermostat back to the appropriate settings. Yes, it is a fine example of a ‘duh’ moment, but reassuring to know that your A/C isn’t in danger of a breakdown.

2- Restricted Airflow

According to Air Conditioners USA, One of the most common causes of an A/C unit blowing hot air, restrictedairflow occurs when a dirty filter or a foreign object blocks the air vents. Replace the filter, and hopefully, it solves the problem. Quick attention to the issue usually warrants the simplest repairs. Read the HVAC owner’s manual if you’re unfamiliar with how to change the filter. The owner’s manual provides all the details necessary to change the filter. If this doesn’t clear up the problem, call a professional repairer for a diagnosis and repair. Many foreign objects may potentially clog up the HVAC system, resulting in restricted airflow.

3- Electrical Problems

A blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker may cause the outside unit of the HVAC system to lose power. This causes the indoor unit to push out warm or hot air through the home. Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers often indicate there isn’t enough power running through your home to supply your electrical needs. Call a professional at the first sign of an electrical problem. They have the skills to properly diagnose the cause of concern and the tools to make a fast repair. Never attempt to repair electrical problems yourself. It is dangerous and may cause more problems to deal with on top of the hot air blowing out of the air conditioner.

4- Leaks

A common problem that can cause warm air to come out of the A/C is a loose refrigerant line joint or connection. An improperly assembled unit also causes refrigerant leaks. If your unit is low with refrigerant for any reason, it will blow out hot air, and everyone in the home suffers. There are many other reasons why your air conditioner may experience a leak. Do not ignore this problem. Leaks won’t go away. In fact, they’ll worsen and can lead to other problems in the home, such as mold and mildew growth. Call for professional service if you notice wet spots in the carpet or piling on the floor under or near the A/C unit.

5- Compressor Issues

A bad compressor causes the whole HVAC unit to malfunction or stop working altogether. Often, compressors give indications of a problem. Pay attention to unusual noises or other strange occurrences from the A/C unit if you suspect compressor trouble. Compressor problems may be caused by any number of issues, from overheating to the low refrigerant to electrical problems. Do not attempt to repair a bad compressor. You’ll likely cause more damage than you began with. A professional HVAC repairer can replace the compressor, so there is no worry about future malfunctions and breakdowns.

When it’s hot outside, coming inside to hot air from your air conditioner is the last thing that you want. Yet, summer after summer, this problem affects many households. Many issues cause hot air. Fortunately, most problems can be easily resolved with the help of a licensed air conditioning professional.