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12 DIY Backyard Ideas On A Budget That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

It is said that a backyard is one of the most useful and versatile parts of your home. So how about renovating, decorating or even remodeling it?  You can choose from endless possibilities, for example, you can add an artificial pond, a barbecue grill, a gardening shed, a pool or a tanning bed if you aim to make it as comfortable as possible. Discover 12 outstanding DIY backyard ideas on a budget that will make your neighbors jealous!

Tin Can Lanterns

This lovely tin can lantern tutorial will teach you how to “upgrade” your backyard lighting system in an instant. Grab a few old tins and get started on this creative project today!

Project Credit and Tutorial – growcreative


DIY Toy Storage For Your Kids
Summer is almost here and your kids will certainly want to play outdoors so this creative, practical and useful outdoor toy storage idea will definitely come in handy!
Source – mooshagirl
DIY Key Wind Chime

It’s time to make mini key chain wind chime that will boost your mood and make your day happier!

Project Credit and Tutorial – giving.innerchildfun


Turn Your Old Chandelier Into An Awesome Hanging Planter

Don’t throw away your old chandelier because you can turn it into an awesome hanging planter!

Project Credit and Tutorial – handimania

12 DIY Backyard Ideas On A Budget That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

DIY Pallet Planter

Here  is another great and crafty way to use your old pallet!

Source – kellymoorebag
Birds Bath

If there is one thing that is cuter than a birds feeder, that is certainly a birds bath! This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to make your own DIY garden planter birds bath.

Project Source and Tutorial – homestoriesatoz


Old Tire Turned Into Rope Ottoman Chair
Here is a crafty tutorial that will teach you how to turn an old and unused tire into an outstanding chair.
Project Credit and Tutorial – handimania
Mini Charcoal Grill

If you love to cook, then this is certainly the best backyard decoration to try out!
Project Credit and Tutorial – blog.hwtm

 12 DIY Backyard Ideas On A Budget That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous


DIY Rock Covered Bucket
This DIY idea is very natural, pretty and simple!
Instructions: centsationalgirl
DIY Outdoor Bench

You can make your own bench from scratch, with several pieces of plywood, a few nails, a hammer and some paint.
Source – creatingreallyawesomefreethings

Backyard Ideas On A Budget

If you are looking for some creative decoration ideas that will make your backyard as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, you have found one! Let’s check out these lovely and innovative decorations that will definitely change the way you look at backyard pieces!

Source – daisymaebelle


Make Yourself A Hula Hoop Chandelier!
This tutorial will certainly make you regret that you have thrown your other hula hoops away – check out this tutorial and put your creative skills to good use!
Source – sarahontheblog
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